NATA/ISO Accredited in Australia
NATA Accreditation

Why use a NATA/ISO accredited facility?

It is so you ensure that your equipment is serviced and maintained to highest possible standard, and in our case, across a range of BAC level analysis. 

If you are conducting workplace alcohol testing to facilitate & encourage employee safety at work, then you will need to find the right provider not only for your equipment, but perhaps more importantly to keep that equipment up to standard and operational within specification. You also want to ensure that the customer service and turnaround is first class.

NATA accredited breathalyser calibrations.

We are NATA accredited breathalyser calibration laboratory Accreditation Number: 18743 - accredited to AS/IEC 17025 Chemical Testing.

We have high tech equipment that is constantly monitored for performance using reference instruments that have been calibrated by an independent NATA accredited facility. Every step of the procedure is controlled. 

Our Point of Difference?

  • Accredited Technicians
  • NATA Accredited Laboratory
  • Certified Gases and Fluids
  • Proficiency Tested Equipment
  • Temperature Controlled Facility
  • Audited Processes

NATA Accredited facilities have undergone NATA's rigorous assessment of their technical competence and capabilities. NATA accreditation therefore provides confidence that the testing laboratories methodologies are reliable and can stand up to scrutiny, including scrutiny by the legal system. This statement from the NATA website bears testament to the philosophy they maintain.

"NATA provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts for customers who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services. NATA formally recognises that these facilities produce reliable technical results which make the world a safer and more certain place. "

CMM Technology has been assessed and granted accreditation by NATA against ISO/IEC 17025 "Chemical Testing". Specifically to calibrate breathalysers. And as the first and only non-government facility in the country approved to recalibrate hand-held and wall mount breathalysers, we are understandably proud of our achievements.

This means that CMM Technology will continue to provide the highest quality calibrations in Australia and provide you, our clients with the highest possible quality of calibration with our usual gold standard service.

Download our PDF flyer here.

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Hear what some of our customers said about our service:

“I have dealt with CMM for the calibration of our breathalysers for about a year now. Administration staff are very friendly and turnaround time for calibration is very efficient. I highly recommend this company for others that need to calibrate equipment in compliance with NATA approval.”

“Good turnaround times, friendly and helpful company. They’ve never let me down...”

“Super impressed with your service, many thanks for your effort.” 

“Your simple ordering, fast delivery and sales backup are invaluable as we have a fast paced business that requires prompt service and advice, regardless of the fact that we are on opposite sides of the continent makes little difference to your service and support. Your prompt dispatch of orders makes it possible and  feasible to deal with an interstate company.”

"I've been using CMM for over 4 years and have always been happy with their friendly and speedy service."

"Great service...very fast and organised!"

"Great company to deal with! Never had any problems with CMM! Excellent Customer Service!"

"Professional and dedicated staff that deliver excellent service."

If you would like to check the accuracy of your current unit, come to our Osborne Park calibration laboratory for a free calibration check.


We have also attained the benchmark ISO accreditation’s – 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 to further ensure our systems meet the highest criteria and scrutiny.