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This FAQ will give you more information about the site, check here first before contacting CMM, it may solve your problem.

Saliva Drug Testing

This will give you information on saliva testing in the workplace and at home.

Cost of Substance Abuse

The real cost of substance abuse in the workplace.

Urine Drug Testing

The pro's & con's of urine drug testing.

Our Consulting Services

An explantion of what you get when you hire CMM to consult on your drug and alcohol policy requirements.

Q & A

Question : Is there a testing kit for marijuana

Answer : Yes we have or can source test for virtually all street drugs and OTC drugs.

Question : Is CMM NATA acredited?

Answer : Yes, CMM Technology is an accredited NATA laboratory (Accreditation Number 18743). CMM Technology gained the accreditation for Chemical Testing, specifically breathalyser calibrations and is the first company in Australia to gain this accreditation for hand held and wall mount breathalysers.

Question : Where in Sydney can you get a chain of custody drug and alcohol analysis test done been looking for months no where can I find a doctor who has heard of it

Answer : This is a question for our sister company Mediscreen who provide onsite testing services. Please contact our sales team at for pricing.

Question : I am the owner of a medium sized business and have recently introduced saliva drug testing. I have already caught a staff member using a mouthwash called Ultra-Kleen. I was unaware that there was anything that could be used to falsify the test, is there another product or sign that I should be aware of or watch out for?

Answer : There are always confounders to drug tests that some staff wishing to avoid detection may try to employ to cheat the test. However if you follow our procedures this is extremely difficult and there are not many ingredients that we know of that can throw the test off. For more information Please contact our sales team at
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