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Less Sun

During the winter, autumn, and early spring months, when sunlight is less available, people often become more depressed. Sunlight delivers Drug test equipmenthigh amounts of Vitamin D, but it also delivers many different vitamins which contribute vastly to serotonin and dopamine production in the brain. If you find that your workers seem more down in the harsher months of winter, remember that they may just be getting less light.

Less sun does not only affect the brain, it affects the body, as well. People tend to feel better when they are in the sun, because of the all of the beneficial things occurring in their bodies and brains. When they get used to this feeling and then it is taken away, it can be more stressful than any of realize. Sunshine does a lot more than fade the colors in our children’s outdoor play sets over time.

It has a nice, drug-like effect upon our entire body and brain chemistry.

The depression in your employees during the cold, darker winter months can easily be caused by less sun. This can make illicit substance abuse in the workplace a little more likely to happen. Therefore, when you planning your drug testing schedule, remember to think of the winter months as a time of a bit more suffering and a bit lower tolerance for daily stresses which occur. Perhaps schedule employee drug testing more frequently to address these concerns, or less frequently to give your employees a bit of a break during the cold season. It is entirely up to you, but we recommend more frequently, because it helps your business to stay in strong working condition during times of less sun.

Therefore, if you are looking to complete your plans in this area, consider CMM Technology’s NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. If you try that out and like it, then maybe you’d like to purchase some of our own alcohol tests or maybe even some drug test kits. Our drug test equipment is great if you regularly use on site drug testing. Make sure your workers are fit for duty and get high quality equipment at the same time, year round. Call CMM Technology for this today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Tenacity and Its Rewards

Tenacity is a strong characteristic to possess. It is also a strong lack to have if you don’t have any of it.Saliva Drug Test

Tenacity comprises strength, stubbornness, persistence, and foresightedness. When someone is tenacious, they don’t give up. They find a way to get the job done, no matter what. They try and persist and experiment and innovate, but they get the job done, no matter what. Engineers are often tenacious. So are thieves, military personnel, and celebrated research scientists. Tenacity is necessary for any job, but some jobs just require a lot more of it than others. There must be creativity, flow, and the ability to think outside of the box.

Many people do not understand tenacity, but admire people who have it. Tenacious individuals seem like they are fighters and go-getters, and the public respects them in every way. I have large income and many layers of monetary security. Tenacity helps build empires, protect treasuries, and reinforce foundations of government.

The reward for tenacity is that you always get what you are looking to acquire or accomplish. Tenacity does not recognize failure, but only delay. Therefore, the rewards include success, every single time. Does that sound too good to be true? It is in the definition of tenacity. It is what it means. It means success. It means unbroken success.

Workers in the business marketplace must possess a certain amount of tenacity, either naturally or through training. The only way to possess and keep this trait, though, is to exercise mental clarity and sharpness at all times. This excludes alcohol and drugs. Hence, you will need to use screening tests in an employee drug testing program. You will need to make use of equipment like our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser device, or our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test. The main thing is to have high quality equipment and to implement it on a regular basis. If you take care of that, then you are set for any contingencies which may arise. In addition to that, your company will decrease its legal liability for injuries which may occur on the jobsite, by removing those who are abusing substances. Call CMM Technology to order from us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Problems with Attitudes about Change

BreathalyserWhen it comes to alcohol and drug abuse, people really don’t like change. That doesn’t mean that people don’t like initiatives which help people with abuse problems. It means that addicts really don’t like change if they can help it, and if forced upon them, they may live their entire lives looking for stability but in reality living lives filled with nothing but unreliable change.

Change is scary

Change is unnerving.

For addicts, change can seem almost life threatening, at times.

For some, change is stressful when it occurs to people in their lives, such as romantic partners or the death or leaving of a loved one. For some people, change is most stressful when it comes in the form of a job loss or a job change. For some, it is denial about something they have done. And for others, change is so terrifying that they will dig in their heels against any form of change, no matter what it is, even if their own survival is dependent upon a small amount of adaptation.

In the professional environment, these attitudes are death to any company. In order to survive, all businesses must be at least somewhat adaptable. If you have a manager or a senior level executive who has this attitude about change, it can be a huge problem for you and your company’s revenue. It is important to identify any possible substance abuse as early as possible.

Employee drug testing can help you with ascertaining who is able to bear up under increased responsibility and who may not be able to handle such duties. Drug test kits provided by CMM Technology can be just the thing you need. Be sure and try our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 as part of this process or journey you are on. Be sure and notice how much employee drug testing gives you a sense of control over the order and stability of your own business. We cannot control people, but we can control order, and these products will help you in restoration and maintenance of this order. For more information about drug testing in Western Australia, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Repression and Drinking

If you spend all of your time drinking, then you don’t have a lot of time to actually spend living. Yes, we are temporarily moving away from theRepression and Drinking subject of low emotional intelligence and talking about productive use of time. If you spend your time doing things which you then have to hide, you acquire an aptitude for covering them up afterward, or repressing them within yourself.

There is a reason why people condemn more than simply “bearing false witness.” We condemn lying, because lying to other people is one thing, but lying to ourselves is another problem entirely. When you repress something, you are lying to yourself or subverting the truth to yourself (some people consider those two to be the same thing), and this leads to internal strain, pressure, heartache and, if not dealt with on time, actual physical manifestation of your pain.

Repression is a way to slowly, but surely, kill your spirit, kill your soul, and kill your inner drive and primal wildness. And alcohol has a great deal to do with repression. Occasionally, you will find a drunk who is happy admitting they are a drunk, both when they are sober and when they are intoxicated. But almost all of the time, you will encounter people who seek to cover up either their alcoholism or other things which originate from their drinking behavior.

When an employee brings this behavior to the workplace, they are tainting the working environment with their sick mindset. When they abuse alcohol on the jobsite itself, they are staining the workplace and the people therein with the danger and the lack of responsibility with which they have surrounded themselves.

In the workplace environment, it is really important to know if this is going on. You must determine if any of your workers are bringing their alcoholic disease with them to work, if they have such a problem. CMM Technology can help you out with this. Our products include high quality alcohol breathalyser devices and drug test kits like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 kit. We even have breathalyser recalibration which is NATA accredited.

Don’t let total repression burst forth in your business, because someone was keeping themselves in an unnatural state, both emotionally and physically. Make sure you are aware of any substance abuse occurring in your worksite. Call CMM Technology today for this: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Reliability versus Consistency

Workplace Drug Testing Okay, when you saw the title of this article, you probably thought, “These are the same thing! Why on earth would I want to learn about the tiny amount of difference between them?” Well, in reality, there is more of a difference between them than you might think. Reliability and consistency are both part of a dependable friend, coworker or employee.

However, they differ in time structures.

Reliability is usually found in the person who can handle emergency situations really well. They are always there for the people who need them, and they always know what to do and how to do it. They are reliable friends, and they handle stressful situations and are therefore good life partners to have.

Consistency, however, is found in people who handle everyday stresses really well. They may or may not be able to handle emergency situations really well, but they do handle everyday life with a lot of smoothness and aplomb.

It is important to have both types of people working for you, and this is especially the case since different people will bring various types of strengths to your business, but very few of them will be really developed on every level and in every way. That is the purpose of having a time of widely varied people, each of whom is particularly strong in their respective areas of expertise, both personal and professional.

CMM Technology provides another way to strengthen your team. Make sure that every employee is following business policies by giving them employee drug testing. Alcohol tests and drug test kits are available through CMM Technology, as is our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. Of course, we consider ourselves both reliable and consistent, and we want to help you strengthen your company in these areas, too. One of the tools to accomplish that is our drug test equipment, which gives you the information you need to make permanent and temporary decisions about your employees. That is the kind of security you should always have in your business. To find out more or to place an order with us, please visit our website or contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Let’s Stand For Something

Workplace Drug TestingWhen confronted with problems in our pasts, our present, or something which may happen in the future, it may become overwhelming to think of all of your mistakes or responsibilities and how hard everything is going to be throughout your lifetime because of those problems.

The truth, however, is never really that much of a problem. We all find ourselves in a rather precarious position when it comes to relationships and public reputations, especially when we haven’t been as socialized as we would like to be.

When you think of your issues, remember one fact. Everyone is dreading something or is worried about something in their life. They look at where they are, and it doesn’t match up with where they would like to be. The thing to do is NOT to eliminate all of the problems in your life, because as you grow, your problems will change and morph with you. The solution is to view your future as full of shining hope which does not include being in any way affected long term or short term by your problems. In other words, you are bigger than they are, and you can manage much better than you thought you could before.

The trick is to stand for something. And, as long as you’re standing for something, you might as well stand for yourself. Be the person you want to be, regardless of your external circumstances. That way, your peace of mind is not dependent upon external situations.

Onsite drug testing is brought to you by the drug test kits and alcohol breathalyser devices of CMM Technology. We are NATA accredited for our breathalyser recalibration services, and that makes us proud to present you with the full array of our products and services. At CMM Technology, we begin a journey to train you and your staff on our equipment, and everything is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. If you want to stand for your own business, look no further than the simple effective techniques of drug testing in Western Australia. CMM Technology brings peace of mind, as well as the available equipment you want or need: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Bring Them In from Outside

Workplace Drug TestingWhen we, as humans, are confronted with possible threats, we often go on the offensive and seek to destroy whatever that threat may be. However, if we seek to understand people and situations better, we often may become friends and allies in certain circumstances rather than enemies. It is the gaining of knowledge which makes the difference for most people and their various circumstances and defenses.

Bring them in from outside. Make them your friend, rather than your enemy. Be classy, show warmth, and always be consistent. However, remember that your own interests are served by these people and circumstances, so don’t forget your own interests.

CMM Technology, in becoming a drug test equipment provider, has understood for years the importance of helping out fellow businesses with high quality drug testing supplies. We know that it is not always easy to bring in extra resources from outside of your jobsite. Fortunately, we can ship your drug test equipment to you at any time you desire. We can replenish your stock of urine drug tests and saliva drug tests, and some of our drug test kits have built in adulterant tests, such as our popular Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6.

Bring us in from outside. We know that not all businesses enjoy engaging in business-to-business partnerships or industrial transactions. Some companies are rather isolated and, indeed, they work best that way. However, if you are interested in acquiring a drug test equipment supplier, then CMM Technology may be right for you. We want you to feel comfortable with us, with working with us, and with our testing equipment that we deliver to you. We want you to feel as if we are benefitting your turf, rather than encroaching upon it, so to speak.

Therefore, we ask that you take a look through our website and look at our products. We know that you and your business have high standards. We also know that we distribute high quality test equipment. CMM Technology is even NATA accredited for our recalibration services. If this sounds like something which would strengthen your company, bring us in to your world. We’d love to meet you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Take A Step Back

BreathalyserUrine drug tests and saliva drug tests, personal breathalyser devices, and recalibration services are all a part of keeping your business happy, healthy and well managed. Now, when you begin to work with CMM Technology, or simply place orders with us on a regular basis, you will learn that we take particular pride in our products, and that we know how important accuracy is to you.

You will also learn, in your course of drug testing and alcohol screening, that your employees have private lives away from their work, and that you do not always know what is going on with them. Their personal lives can include anything from dealing with death, to going back to college, and from dealing with a broken relationship, to dealing with new children.

Everyone has a life which may seem overwhelming to them, but we all deal with our lives in very different ways. If you take a step back, and evaluate the whole picture, rather than zeroing in on a small detail, you will be able to read patterns in your workers and in your business which will give you even more information than you have right now.

Taking a step back is, therefore, very important. If you know how to do this on a regular basis, then you can make decisions for the greater good, both for detailed situations and as part of an overall plan. Drug test equipment must be up to snuff (ours is very high quality) and you must get your equipment from a reliable source, like CMM Technology. There really is no way around it. If you want to have access to a good business which provides good drug testing kits, then check out CMM Technology and our DDS2 saliva drug test. There’s nothing more to it.

Once you have taken this first step, all you have to do is just keep your drug testing program and relax about the results you receive back. They will be quick, efficient, accurate, and helpful to your business operations. After all, everyone wants to know the kind of people with whom they work every day: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Family vs Coworkers

workplace drug testingAlright, who is more important: family or coworkers? Ahh, you are thinking, this is a trick question. I m supposed to say family, right? Well, actually, you re supposed to say neither.

It has become a modern habit in first world countries to spend all of your time at work and then any remaining time with your family. There is no time set aside for you. There is no luxury of solitude and reflection. No time is set aside for your own explorations of the outback, hikes into the distant mountains, or shopping sprees all by your little lonesome. There is no family versus coworkers diagram to be had in this article. It is about you and the time that you have made for yourself. If you let your time be taken up by random events, then random events will happily take up all of your time, not just small parts of it!

If you let fate be in charge of your world, fate will do what is in fate’s best interest, not what is in your best interest. Fortunately, there are many activities for the wandering traveler who seeks some solitude on their own. There is quiet in nature, there is thrill in movie theaters, there is luxury in dining alone on the best food in town. In fact, if you don t take time out for yourself, with what resources will you be blessing others? There is more than one way of starving yourself: all at once or one day at a time.

Today, we have tools like the screenings tests brought to you by CMM Technology. As a business owner, you don t have time to get to know every single employee in your business. Also, relying upon the opinions of your managers can still be fallible. Instead, use the scientifically backed data from CMM Technology to jumpstart your data. We are NATA accredited for breathalyser calibration and we also provide alcohol tests, urine drug tests and oral fluid drug tests.

In other words, we fulfill every information need you have through our high quality screening tests. For more information or to order drug test kits, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Be Happy Now, Not When You’ve Achieved Something

alcohol testing AustraliaWhen you base your happiness upon achievements which are not internally based, your whole life because like sands by the sea. It is rootless and it cannot stand if anything so much as a breeze happens along. However, if you make a conscious choice to be happy now, rather than when something is accomplished, you can avoid a lot of heartache and misery.

Achievements should, indeed, be recognized. For instance, if you practiced every day on your piano in order to play in a concert hall, then the achievement of playing well at the recital is something to be proud of. However, while you are preparing, you are probably enjoying playing the piano while you are practicing. This is not basing your enjoyment of the piano upon achievements but upon being in the moments and enjoying it, anyway.

It is really important that you employees have this mentality, too. Who wants to work with someone who is forever getting mixed up with the priorities with which they have been entrusted? It is a matter of professionalism and candor, and these things should not be attained only when your worker has completed the day’s work. By working at your job throughout the day, you are building and breaking connections with different people, and you need to be able to do that effectively.

CMM Technology brings you the beauty of employee drug testing. We know that you may not find it in your heart to query your employees about what seems to be suspicious behavior, but with drug test kits and alcohol tests, you don’t have to question them. Science will do it for you. Our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services are also good if you happen to have alcohol tests which need recalibrating but you haven’t bought our products yet. You don’t have to buy all new equipment. Just use our service and use the equipment you already have, if you’re happy with it. This is the time of great beginnings. Be happy now, not just when things are just exactly, finally, right. That moment will come many times a day if you can learn to live in the moment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Benchmarking D&A Programs to Increase Acceptance

drug test osborne parkSome things never change because they are based in solid business principles and practices. Benchmarking is one of them. It is a process designed to give business leaders a method for assessing organisational results against similar companies in the industry and has specific goals. Benchmarking increases accountability, increases commitment at all levels, and promotes a proactive rather than a reactive approach to whatever is benchmarked. Drug and alcohol programs and health and wellness programs are two areas that can benefit from benchmarking. Linking the two programs together and applying benchmarking increases effectiveness, results, and acceptance across the organisation.

Support for health, wellness, and safety programs has to begin at the top of the organisation and flow downward. An important element of occupational health and safety is maintaining a drug and alcohol free workplace. Benchmarking can play a critical role in making the business case for the programs, but it also provides information that enables the programs to be placed in context. This increases acceptance because it gives staff members something to compare against. It is the difference between saying, “The policy is no drugs and alcohol allowed,” versus “The policy is no drugs and alcohol, and self-analysis indicates our processes and procedures are effective (or need improvement).”

Beyond Statistics

Though it is important to have a drug and alcohol policy, it is also important to make sure that people understand that occupational health and safety and drug and alcohol testing are not simply programs to be managed. They are integral to business success as concepts that have the most impact on performance. As such, they are considered management systems involving much more than simple statistics like number of positive drug tests or number of accidents involving alcohol. Systems also involve policies and procedures, risk assessments, training, resources commitments, job design, and so on. Benchmarking does not just compare statistics between the organisation and world class industry leaders, though it is commonly viewed that way.

When benchmarking is used properly and applied to occupational health and safety and drug and alcohol programs, it will produce the type of information that strengthens them. That information includes better understanding of the current structures and systems; identification of system strengths and weaknesses; identification of barriers to success; goal setting; comparison of processes and systems against industry leaders; and acknowledgement of best practices.1 For example, the evaluation process may uncover a workplace layout that needs revision to lessen stress and thus reduce the probability of drug use. Or it might indicate the random drug and alcohol testing program is not effectively linked to the occupational health and safety program and so acceptance of testing is low. There might be issues raised about the workplace culture, pre-employment screening process, work practices, or follow-up procedures when an employee test positive for one or more substances.

The Big Picture

Too often, businesses design and implement programs but fail to evaluate their effectiveness over time, and this is particularly true for occupational health and safety programs and drug and alcohol policies and procedures. Effectiveness in this case refers to the much more than simple test counts and comparison of results to industry leaders. Programs are evaluated as whether employees voluntarily adopt healthy lifestyles, worker attitudes toward the drug free policy and testing program, minimisation of workplace risks, and so on.2 Drug and alcohol programs are a component of the larger OHS program and together they should form a top down management system.

It is impossible to cover the benchmarking process in a single article, but an excellent resource is the Worksafe Australia manual titled Benchmarking Occupational Health and Safety. The main point to keep in mind is that benchmarking involves much more than simply comparing statistics. It is a process that focuses on evaluating and strengthening management systems. When applied to drug and alcohol policies and procedures, the process links them to the bigger health and wellness processes. The end result will be stronger program in terms of effectiveness and enhanced worker understanding of its broader role.

One of the many areas that can be benchmarked includes accuracy of drug and alcohol testing results. CMM Technology supplies businesses with NATA accredited equipment and is the only company in Australia that is NATA accredited for various types of breathalysers.


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The Endless Debate: Saliva Versus Urine Testing

Workplace Drug TestingWhich is the best testing method for workplace drug and alcohol screening: saliva or urine testing? Whatever answer is given can be right or wrong, depending on the perspective and opinion of the employer. Over the last year there has been a flurry of activity conducted by the Fair Work Commission, the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and the Australia Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) concerning this very question. The decisions and opinions cover the entire spectrum from no drug testing to urine testing. Who is right (or wrong)? There is no easy answer because much of the debate is not defined simply by a discussion as to whether each type of test is accurate. It becomes an emotional debate concerning invasion of privacy and personal feelings about someone taking any type of body fluid, whether saliva, urine, or even a person’s breath for alcohol testing.

The discussion has been ongoing and involves numerous participants:

  • On August 14, 2012 the full bench of Fair Work Australia upheld an earlier decision in which the NSW State Government utility company Endeavour Energy was denied the option of conducting urine tests on workers because the tests could detect drugs that may have been used while not working.1
  • In July 2013, the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia announced it would withdraw the ability to get accredited for on-site initial, oral fluid testing under Australian Standard 4760:2006, citing unresolved technical issues.2
  • On October 28, 2013 the Fair Work Commission upheld an employee dismissal resulting from the employee’s refusal to provide a urine sample for a random drug test. The employee worked for AWH Pty Limited. In Raymond Briggs-v-AWH Pty Ltd[2013] FWCFB 3316 (5 June 2013) the employee had argued that a saliva sample was more appropriate. However FWC said the dismissal was valid because he had refused to comply with a “lawful and reasonable request” and the employee was “contractually bound to comply” due to the existence of an Enterprise Agreement.3
  • In January 2014, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union announced it was pursuing a legal challenge to urine testing at mine sites. The AMWU claims that saliva testing is accurate enough for the West Australian police and criminal courts and therefore should be good enough for mining employers. The union also believes that urine testing is an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

Still No Resolution

Despite the many rulings and NATA decision, the matter of saliva-versus-urine testing remains unresolved. That is largely due to the many issues involved in drug and alcohol testing programs, ranging from workplace safety to privacy. In fact, the privacy issue has two components in regards to urine testing. First, to ensure urine samples are not adulterated or exchanged for previously collected samples, there is usually a witness present during collection. In truth, if there were not people who try to cover up drug use, there would be no need for witnesses during sample collection.

The second privacy issue concerns the fact that urine tests can detect drugs used 5 to 10 days earlier, depending on the drug. Saliva tests detect drugs used within the last 2 to 3 days. Therefore, a urine test could inform an employer about employee behaviour while not on duty.

In the Fair Work Commission’s full bench decision, the Commissioners took note of the fact the employee was bound by the company’s Enterprise Agreement which required urine testing. Urine testing was also noted as being a common practice within the company and the mining industry. However, the Commission did not address whether saliva or urine testing is the best method.

First Concern: Employee Safety

The AMWU has said it is putting “BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Woodside” on notice. However, Rio Tinto already stated that it understands that urine testing is more reliable than saliva testing, and the first concern is the safety of its employees. Therefore, the company will continue urine testing.4 For Rio Tinto, any potential embarrassment an employee might experience is not comparable to the risk of injury or death due to drug and alcohol use. However, it is becoming clearer that any company using urine testing should consider putting an Enterprise Agreement in place. Job candidates unwilling to commit to the requirements always have the option of finding less risky employment elsewhere.

Onsite saliva and urine tests are drug screenings and positive results should be verified by a pathology laboratory, and especially before any personnel actions are taken like suspension or dismissal. It is unlikely that the debate over which testing method is best for safety reasons while protecting privacy will continue on a case-by-case basis. One thing that is clear right now is that there should be workplace drug and alcohol testing in place. The form of the testing is between the employers and the legal system. CMM Technology offers a variety of both saliva and urine testing supplies and equipment to accommodate any decision the employer makes.


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