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CMM Technology: enhancing workplace safety and employee wellbeing practices throughout Australasia
CMM Technology™ is a market leading workplace drug and alcohol testing specialist. We are a quality, 100% Australian owned business. Established in 2002, we have been delivering quality, professional products and services and established ourselves as a leader & trusted name in the industry.
Our core area of expertise is centred on delivering quality risk management solutions and providing quality technology and other resources at competitive prices. Our professional support network and services, led by our team of experts, are designed to complement our core business.
We are a NATA accredited collection agency and a NATA accredited calibration laboratory. We are also partnered with the national onsite drug & alcohol testing provider, Mediscreen™. From our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, we deploy a national and international operation supplying drug and alcohol screening and drug & alcohol testing product distribution.
CMM Technology supply drug and alcohol testing and associated consumable products and services to many sectors of industry, including: Mining, Heavy Industry, Law Enforcement and Transport (to name but a few). Our product range is available wholesale or retail to the public, government and private industry.
At CMM Technology, we only supply the best and latest technology in drug and alcohol testing products for the workplace and institutions. Our outstanding business reputation is founded on our principled business practices, care and attention to detail, and through our tailored customer service. This consultative, solutions-driven and customer focused approach has enabled CMM Technology to expand its business and professional services throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
As an official NATO accredited vendor, you can be confident in the knowledge that CMM Technology is equipped to provide all large, medium, small, corporate or public enterprises with:
  • Cost-effective risk management solutions
  • Expert knowledge and guidance
  • Industry best practice systems
  • Cost competitive, state-of-the-art technology
  • VETAB accredited training
  • Innovative, efficient, efficacious and ethical OHS solutions that are fully supported by our unique 24-hour helpline.
  • NATA accredited breathalyser calibrations
Our loyal clients (ranging from OHS professionals, HR managers, EAP directors, CEOs, government departments, testing practitioners, trainers, managers, directors, business owners and medical clinicians), regularly report significant benefits associated with utilising our comprehensive OHS risk management solutions.
Engineered to deliver tangible results, our targeted risk management systems help to achieve quantitative and qualitative improvements in the following areas: workplace safety records; employee wellbeing; a culture of compliancy; workplace performance; a positive organisational structure; reduction in insurance claims; reduced employee absenteeism; more efficient operational practices; and ultimately, increased profits.
Overall, our vision is to elevate national and global workplace safety records. Moreover, we aim to champion better workplace practices which are conducive to enhancing employee wellbeing, overall business performance and environmental responsibility.
We are the authorised Australian sales & service agent providing Australian Standard 3547 approved breathalysers, product technical support, calibrations and service.
We distribute their DDS2 saliva drug test, which combined with the DDS2 electronic and highly accurate reader, you have a screening system that has extraordinary accuracy, reliability and is a cost effective oral fluid drug testing option.
We are the Australasian distributor for the AS4308 verified Medix™ Pro-Split 6+6 Urine Drug Test Cup. This is state of the art technology in urine drug testing with split testing & inbuilt integrity test.
We distribute their hydration testing device, the S.G. Pen urine refractometer.
We distribute their range of Australian Standards approved electronic breath testing products.
We distribute the only Australian Standards approved disposable breathalyser.
We distribute and service their range of breathalysers.
We are currently seeking sub-distributors; please contact us for more details.