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An extensive suite of toxicology services is available at very competitive prices and you will not be kept waiting for results.

The challenges associated with screening for drugs of abuse in the workplace have increased immeasurably in recent years with the appearance of designer drugs and synthetic compounds that are extremely intoxicating and difficult to detect.

Why use CMM for laboratory services?
  • Screening for more than 20,000 licit and illicit substances.
  • World class equipment and proven methodologies.
  • Access to some of Australia’s most experienced Toxicologist’s.
  • Interpretation of results and meaningful reporting.
  • Screening for all designer drugs known to exist in Australia.
  • Confirmatory analysis of detected results in both urine and saliva.
  • Australian first Biochip Array technology for high volume throughput.
  • Complete turn-key service supported by expert consultancy.

AS/NZS 4308:2008 Procedures for specimen collection and detection of drugs of abuse in urine Sections 3, 4, & 5.

AS4760:2006 Procedures for specimen collection and detection of drugs in oral fluid Sections 4 & 5.

Designer Drugs are Psychoactive Substances that have been formulated to mimic the effects of common illicit drugs such as Methamphetamines, Ecstasy and LSD. These dangerous drugs are most often made in makeshift laboratories using dangerous chemicals, contaminated water and unsterilized equipment.

These drugs are generally sold in powder form or as pills with names like “Death”, “Dr Death” and “Superman” to name a few. In excess of thirty amphetamine type stimulants have been identified to date and can be readily screened for in either urine or saliva specimens.
Synthetic Cannabinoids:
More than 800 synthetic cannabinoid compounds (Parent drug & metabolites) are thought to exist throughout the world with almost 200 of these having been discovered in Australia. The manufacturers of these extremely potent synthetic cannabinoids continue to alter the chemical structure slightly in a deliberate attempt to avoid detection.
We are committed to ensuring these new compounds can be detected as soon as possible after they are discovered in our society.
As is the case with common illicit drugs the parent substance can be analysed in oral fluid whilst multiple metabolites are often apparent in urine.
The original JWH compounds first discovered in Australia in 2010 represent only 5% of all compounds regularly being discovered today. This translates to the ongoing need for laboratory analysis as instant test kits are limited to some of these early compounds at much higher cut offs than is desired.
When searching for synthetic compounds in oral fluid or urine a number of laboratory techniques and methodologies need to be applied to ensure maximum coverage.
CMM Technology has long term working relationships with a number of NATA accredited laboratories throughout Australia and we specialise in the detection of designer drugs and synthetic cannabinoids. We are able to detect all traditional synthetic cannabinoids and more than 91% of new compounds that have been discovered in the past six months, in both urine and oral fluid.
Synthetic Drug Free Urine

Having vast knowledge, sound experience and access to the highest quality test kits and the most proficient laboratory services in Australia is of little consequence if you are handed substitute urine at the time of collection.

Substitution using synthetic drug free urine is widely practised during typical workplace random drug testing and consequently the extent of drug use will remain undetermined if this is happening at your worksite.
Further consequences of substitution are that risk remains and safety is compromised, the integrity of your drug testing program is damaged and resources, both human and financial are wasted.
For more detailed information on designer drugs, synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic drug free urine and for expert assistance in reducing the risks associated with drug abuse in your workplace please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 79 70 30.