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CMM Technology is the first and only non-government laboratory in the country to have attained a NATA accreditation scope for hand held and wall mount breathalyser recalibrations, so you can rest assured your breathalysers are being calibrated to the highest standard every time.  

Our trained technicians will assess and calibrate your breathalysers on state of the art calibrators to ensure their optimal performance. We will confirm this service by issuing an accredited calibration certificate.

We also provide a free 'Calibration Reminder' service to our customers, ensuring that you will never get caught out again with an 'Out of Cal' breathalyser onsite.
 We provide the the highest quality calibrations you can get for an affordable price.
Our Point of Difference?
  • Accredited Technicians
  • NATA Accredited Laboratory
  • Certified Gases and Fluids
  • Proficiency Tested Equipment
  • Temperature Controlled Facility
  • Audited Processes
Our turnaround times are usually within 24-hours from our Osborne Park laboratory.
Hear what some of our customers said about our service:

“I have dealt with CMM for the calibration of our breathalysers for about a year now. Administration staff are very friendly and turnaround time for calibration is very efficient. I highly recommend this company for others that need to calibrate equipment in compliance with NATA approval.”

“Good turnaround times, friendly and helpful company. They’ve never let me down...”

“Super impressed with your service, many thanks for your effort.” 

Breathalyser Calibration Services offered by CMM Technology covers most professional breathalysers, including:
  • Lifeloc - Lifeguard
  • Lifeloc - FC5
  • Lifeloc - FC10 Plus
  • Lifeloc - FC10
  • Lifeloc - FC20
  • Lifeloc FC20BT
  • Lifeloc Sentinel
  • Lion - Alcoblow
  • Lion - SD400
  • Lion - SD500
  • Lion - SD2*
  • AME - HH1*
  • AME - HH2*
  • AME - LE*
  • AME - Alcolizer Wall Mount*
  • ADT - BTA-DAS-30-I Wall Mount
  • ACS - Alert J5
  • Alcosense Precision
  • AL4000 - Soberpoint*
  • Drager - 6510
  • Drager - 5510
  • Drager - 6810
  • Drager - 6820
  • Alcotech - 1000*
  • Alcotech - 1005*    

  • CMM Technology bought the rights to calibrate the Alcotech Range of breathalysers when manufacturing ceased. If you have any questions please contact us.
  • NOTE: Service agreements are available and mandatory in some devices. 
  • For more information, call us today to find out how we can integrate this service option with your workplace drugs and alcohol testing program.
  • NATA Accreditation Number: 18743
*Denotes device not covered by NATA and which cannot be issued with a NATA accredited certification.