ToxWipe 5 Oral Fluid / Saliva Drug Test

ToxWipe 5 Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device is developed to detect AS4760 listed active drugs-of abuse present in saliva.

The simple collection procedure makes oral fluid testing a preferred method for many.


Alere™ Toxwipe™ has 3 key design features to enhance recovery:


  1. Active Collection: patented collection pad allows for active collection and increased drug recovery
  2. Enhanced Drug Mobilization: integrated buffer pushes the trace to the testing chamber. Important for low cut of THC
  3. Latest Generation Antibodies


ToxWipe 5 Features:


  • Performance independently verified by an AS4760:2006 accredited laboratory.
  • No handling or collection of saliva.
  • Utilizes a very small volume to activate and test.
  • Integrated buffer.
  • Patented collection pad.
  • Latest generation testing antibodies.


Tests for the following AS4760 Drug Classes:


Drug Class Name Ng/Ml
OPI Morphine 40
AMP Amphetamine 50
MET d-Methamphetamine/MDMA 50
THC Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol 25
COC Cocaine 20






Performing a Test - What could be Simpler?

The ToxWipe Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device is ideal for Australian conditions and should be stored at room temperature (2-30°C). 

12-18 months expiry.