Saliva Chain of Custody Forms

Saliva Test Chain of Custody forms

As part of the workplace drug testing process you will be required to follow the Chain of Custody process if you detect a non-negative result. We have simplified the non-negative drug test recording process with our A4 Chain of Custody forms (25 forms to a book). This ensures you are completing the relevant documentation required under the AS4308 for a presumptive positive (non-negative) drug test.

We can print these forms with your own logo and even pre-fill them with relevant address information to save time when processing non-negatives.

Key Product Features:

  • Forms are available for both urine and saliva testing and can be:
    • Customised with your logo
    • Can be pre-filled with your preferred laboratory and company/site address details
  • We have created these forms in a duplicate pad.
  • These pads are pre-printed with all the relevant information you are required to collect.
  • They are glue bound and stapled giving you a neat and concise book to store all your COC forms.
  • Being a duplicate paper, you do not have to worry about losing bits of paper or filing out of sequence.
  • These forms are serial numbered for tracking.