Intermediary Chain of Custody Form

Intermediary Chain of Custody Form - what do you do if you have a non-negative result?

According to the Australian Standard, if a Non-negative (presumptive positive) drug and alcohol test is recorded, a Chain of Custody protocol is to ensue. Among other processes, this protocol entails that a Chain of Custody form is completed. Essentially, the function of this form is to provide a formal “paper trail” which helps to ensure privacy, confidentiality and legal standards of the testing processes are met. It also outlines how the Non-negative (presumptive positive) test sample is to be submitted for further third party test analysis to ensure its integrity as follows:

  • The Chain of Custody process requires that the Non-negative (presumptive positive) test sample is to remain ‘in sight’ of the authorised collector until collection by courier (unless it has been placed by the authorised collector in a secure holding place).

However, if the sample is not placed securely in a holding compartment, or if the authorised collector leaves a site before the sample is dispatched, according to the Australian Standard, a “legal hole” in your Chain of Custody procedure is opened which effectively leaves your company and staff exposed to claims of non-conformance to the Chain of Custody procedure.

To address this issue, CMM Technology has devised an extra step to safeguard you and your staff against claims of non conformance i.e. the 'Chain of Custody' was broken thus voiding the test result. CMM Technology have introduced what we have termed an 'Intermediary Chain of Custody' form, whereby if you have to leave a site or hand the sample to your back to back or the secretary to ship, then every person that takes responsibility for that sample can sign for it thus completing a true 'Chain of Custody’.

Key Product Features:

  • This form allows for 2 samples and up to 10 people to be recorded on it.
  • Provides an ‘extra step’ in the Chain of Custody process to safeguard you and your staff against counter-claims of non-conformance to the ‘Chain of Custody’ process.
  • These forms are printed in duplicate, glued, bound and hole punched and ready for use.