Why choose CMM Technology as your provider of consumable products related to Drug & Alcohol testing?


Because we can provide everything you need to keep your testing programs operating. We supply all the complementary equipment required to conduct onsite drug and alcohol testing; mouthpieces, blueys, gloves, documentation and much much more. We understand that for a good program to be efficient, it requires a knowledgeable supplier. We have over 13 years experience in the industry, and as an accredited collection agency, we do thousands of tests per year and know what works and what doesn't. This knowledge can save you thousands of dollars.

If you choose not to do the testing yourself, we can provide hands-off testing services. As an accredited collection agency, we can provide accredited staff to conduct stand alone hydration testing or combine it with drug testing to save time and money.

If you would like to find out more you can chat live, call us on 1300 79 70 30 or drop us an email:
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 Alcolizer HH1/HH2 Mouthpiece   Alcolizer HH1/HH2 Mouthpiece 
 Alcolizer LE Mouthpieces   Alcolizer LE Mouthpieces 
 Alcolizer Saliva Trap for HH1/2   Alcolizer Saliva Trap for HH1/2 
 Alcosense Precision Mouthpieces   Alcosense Precision Mouthpieces 
 Alert J5 Mouthpieces   Alert J5 Mouthpieces 
 Drager Breathalyser Mouthpiece   Drager Breathalyser Mouthpiece 
 Drug & Alcohol Test Pre-Screening Form   Drug & Alcohol Test Pre-Screening Form 
 Gloves - Latex Rubber, Disposable - Box of 100   Gloves - Latex Rubber, Disposable - Box of 100 
 Intermediary Chain of Custody Form   Intermediary Chain of Custody Form 
 Lifeloc FC Series Mouthpieces   Lifeloc FC Series Mouthpieces 
 Lifeloc Lifeguard Mouthpieces   Lifeloc Lifeguard Mouthpieces 
 Lion SD400 Mouthpieces   Lion SD400 Mouthpieces 
 Lion SD400 Sampling Cup   Lion SD400 Sampling Cup 
 Lion SD500 Mouthpieces   Lion SD500 Mouthpieces 
 Pill Cup & Pipette - Individually Wrapped - Pack of 50   Pill Cup & Pipette - Individually Wrapped - Pack of 50 
 Saliva Chain of Custody Forms   Saliva Chain of Custody Forms 
 Specimen Jars   Specimen Jars 
 Urine Chain of Custody Form   Urine Chain of Custody Form 
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