Conditions of Use


Once your order has been dispatched allow 5 - 7 days for Australian delivery and 7 - 10 days for International courier delivery, depending on the destination.

CMM Technology™ Online Shop accepts no responsibility for delays in delivery following dispatch which are due to a country's customs (export/import) clearance requirements.

Delivery is performed within the deadlines provided for direct delivery to the addressee or, if the addressee is absent, by a notice informing him/her of the availability of the parcel.

Delivery deadlines are indicated as accurately as possible. CMM Technology™ Online Shop is not responsible for delivery delays following dispatch of your order. No damages or compensation will be due in the event of delivery deadlines being exceeded. However, if the product has not been delivered 10 days after the delivery date indicated and this is due for any reason other than force majeure, the sale may then be cancelled and the buyer may be refunded the price paid to the exclusion of any other damages or compensation.

The following are considered as cases of force majeure which free the seller from the obligation to deliver the products: war, riots, acts of terror, fire, labor disputes, accidents and situations in which it is impossible to acquire stocks of items ordered.

The seller will keep the buyer informed in due time of the situations or events listed above. In any event, delivery within the deadline can only occur if the buyers obligations to the seller have been complied with in time.

Delivery Charges for Orders within Australia:

All charges are calculated by the online ordering process, if you wish to choose a different method, please contact CMM Technology™ directly to discuss your options.

Delivery Charges for International Orders:

All charges are calculated by the online ordering process, if you wish to choose a different method, please contact CMM Technology™ directly to discuss your options.
International delivery charges are not subject to GST, and are quoted GST-free.
No other import taxes or import duties are included. You are responsible for the payment of such costs and charges. We reserve the right to amend any quoted prices prior to your order being accepted by us. In such a situation you will be notified accordingly. You will at all times be entitled to withdraw your order.

Please note that the delivery services that we use tend to deliver during the working day. Please supply a work address if it is unlikely that anyone will be in to sign for your order.

While delivery times may vary, goods will normally be delivered within the specified timeframe for the method of delivery. In spite of all our efforts, there can sometimes be unforeseen delays in delivery. If you believe the delivery is severely overdue, please send us an email or telephone us so we can take appropriate action.


You can check the status of your order(s) at any time by going to the Order Status Link on the left hand side of the screen. You can then log-in to see all previous orders displayed.

Tracking of Express Post (Australian orders only)

All Australian orders are delivered via Australia Post's Express Post and Express Parcel Post service and all parcels are identified with an unique Australia Post Tracking Number. If you have not received your order within the timeframe we have specified in our delivery section, please notify the CMM Technology™ Online Shop and we will track your order.

Tracking of EMS International Courier Service

EMS International Courier Service offers a tracking facility via the Internet. If you have selected the EMS Courier delivery option, and would like to track your order, please log-in to your account on the CMM Technology™ Online Shop website and refer to your order confirmation for the EMS International Tracking Number, then visit the Australia Post website at


If your product becomes defective within its return-or-exchange warranty period, if any, you may return it for a refund, if applicable, or an immediate replacement. Non-defective returns, if allowed, must be made within the return-or-exchange warranty period. Non-defective returns are subject to a restocking fees of 15%. No product may be returned after 30 days from purchase date.If your product becomes defective after the return-or-exchange warranty period, but within the manufacturer warranty period, if any, you may return it to CMM Technology™ for replacement from the manufacturer.Replacements through the manufacturer may take up to 12 weeks.

Returns Procedure

Before returning any item, you must contact our MR (Merchandise Returns) department at within the return-or-exchange warranty period for an MR Number.

The following information is required to issue an MR number:-

  1. CMM Technology™ Invoice number on which product was purchased.
  2. CMM Technology™ Part Number of product for which MR number is being requested.
  3. Reason for return of product.
  4. Address where replacement product is to be shipped.
  5. Telephone number where you may be reached.
  6. Email address where MR number should be emailed.
  7. Optionally: Fax number where MR number should be faxed.

Please read the following regarding our MR policies and procedures:-

  1. CMM Technology™ will NOT accept any return without an MR number.
  2. Requests for MR numbers must be made within the individual warranty periods, if any, of the products.
  3. Please allow at least 48 hours for an MR number to be issued.
  4. Each MR number is good for only one (1) item.
  5. MR numbers are good for ten (10) days only. Product(s) must be shipped back to CMM Technology™ before their MR number(s) expire. Otherwise new MR number(s) must be requested. New MR number(s) will be issued only if the warranty period(s) of the product(s) are still in effect.
  6. All items must be in original condition with all packing material, manuals, software, and registration card(s).
  7. If part of a product becomes defective, the full product must be returned for credit or replacement.
  8. Returns must be sent via UPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express, Express Post or any courier that issues a tracking number.
  9. Please include a copy of your details and MR number with your shipment.
  10. MR number(s) must be written on the label(s) on the outside of the package(s), and not on the package(s) itself. MR number(s) must match the product(s) authorized for return.
  11. Customer will prepay all shipping and handling charges when sending product(s) back to CMM Technology™. CMM Technology™ will cover shipping and handling charges when sending replacement item(s) to customer.
  12. Non-defective items, if returnable for refund or credit, will be charged a restocking fee of 15%. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.
  13. Please allow 2-4 weeks for credit.
  14. For replacements, once the original item(s) are received, the replacement order will be processed.
  15. MR replacements are held for six (6) months. After that all unclaimed items become the property of CMM Technology™. 

Lifeloc Fuel Cell Warranty Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise set forth in the applicable purchase agreement, Lifeloc warrants to the original purchaser of Lifeloc FC Series breath alcohol testers that the fuel cell purchased with the instrument shall operate without defect for the life of the instrument subject to the following conditions:

  • Warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the instrument. Warranty does not pass to subsequent owners if the instrument is resold, stolen, donated or given to anyone other than the original purchaser.
  • Warranty is invalidated if, in the opinion of Lifeloc, the instrument has been misused, abused, modified or improperly maintained.
  • Each breath alcohol tester must be serviced at least annually by an authorised service agent in the territory that they purchased the unit. Replace with (Breath testers must be maintained and recalibrated correctly and serviced at least once annually by an authorised service agent in the territory the unit was purchased).
  • The Lifeloc Limited Fuel Cell Warranty does not apply if the product has been repaired or modified by someone other than a Lifeloc factory authorized technician and/or if parts other than Lifeloc approved parts are used in replacement or repair; or if any Lifeloc serial number has been removed or defaced.
  • Upon subsequent instrument trade-in, there shall be no residual monetary value associated with the fuel cell owing to the owner.
  • The Lifeloc Limited Fuel Cell Warranty does not survive past the end-of instrument service and support life as determined by Lifeloc Technologies at its sole discretion.

Other than as set forth above, all Lifeloc fuel cells are subject to Lifeloc’ s standard 1 year warranty.