Workplace Drug Testing and Employee Fatigue

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, BreathalyserWhen you have not had enough sleep for several days in a row, the overwhelming fatigue can drag you to never-before-seen levels of incompetency. Sleep is important, but more important is avoiding all types of fatigue, including mental, emotional, and drug-related fatigue. We are all familiar with how “high” children become after they have eaten a great deal of sweet things. This is because the sugar activates adrenaline glands and they are literally using adrenaline as their fuel. Drug related fatigue occurs after one ingests legal or illegal drugs, achieving the desired “high,” but then coming off of the high and entering a chemically forced state of depression or listlessness.

There are two forms of “low” which an employee can have after they abuse pharmaceuticals or illegal drugs. The first one is related to how they feel in between self medication or drug abuse. These are the “lows” or the low dips in the rollercoaster of their abusive lifestyle. The second type of low is due to drug withdrawal. When they have gone a long period of time without the serotonin and endorphin fix, they experience longer periods of depression, sometimes even as bad as suicidal tendencies. Part of this depression manifests in physical form, resulting in chronic physical pain and in extreme bouts of fatigue.

Fatigue is instrumental in slowing down work, causing disinterest in clients, and even in demented forms of self sabotage or work sabotage. Fatigue is sometimes attributed to mental or emotional tiredness which feels physical, and at other times it is attributed to physical weakness or lack of stamina due to mental or emotional stress or inability to cope. Drug and alcohol testing keeps this attitude and this chronic weakness from infecting your jobsite. It has been found that depression has a ripple effect, causing mild symptoms in those around the individual in question, especially those who have a loving caring interest in their welfare.

At CMM Technology, we support the positive effects drug and alcohol screening has on your workplace. Our drug testing equipment and breathalyser devices ensure that depression does not continue to disturb your employees, since it demands clean positive behavior from them. Fatigue is a symptom of a deeper problem, and you are recommended to test any employees who seem consistently sluggish. They may be suffering and your insight may help them in the long run, even if they do not continue working for you. Contact us today: +618-9204-2500.

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