Workplace alcohol detection tests

There are three standard, non-invasive ways to test impairment levels attributed to alcohol consumption, including: disposable saliva tests, breath alcohol testers, and state-of-the-art digital handheld breathalysers.

Depending on your specific workplace size and needs, the most suitable alcohol detection technology for large organisations (i.e. industrial applications with high throughput) or smaller businesses (i.e. remote mining sites), can be assessed with the expert guidance of  the CMM Technology Team.

Our range of quality alcohol testers are engineered to Australian Standards. This contrasts with many other competitor brands which are manufactured for EU or USA markets. In fact, our range is utilised by law enforcement and medical agencies in Australia and across the globe – attesting to their efficacy and high clinical accuracy. They’re also popular sellers with OHS screening practitioners throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

To view a product description of a selection of CMM Technology’s alcohol testing range, just click on the listings below:

For more expert information and guidance, contact our CMM Technology Team on (+618) 204 2500.

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