Working Together

Working TogetherWorking together in the same office or jobsite can be quite hard on some people, since individuals bring all of their emotional hang-ups and psychological idiosyncrasies and personal habits to the jobsite, and everyone has to learn these new behaviors and how to work with them. It does not have to be this hard, but differences in personality and background can make this something which takes a long time to adjust to. Thankfully, keeping an open mind and simply having a few years worth of experience in the job market will help with making these adjustments.

Some personalities feel that they are banished or rejected after one mistake, and others feel that their employers are like their parents, and that they can make as many mistakes as they like, without fear of repercussion. The two extremes are either overly punishing oneself for small infractions, either social or legal, or acting like undeveloped children and expecting a parent-child relationship with their employers.

Working together requires a commitment to spend time with people who you may not know and who you may not wish to get to know better, due to personality conflict or character conflict. In either case, the best you can hope for will be to take responsibility for your own actions, because there is very little that you can take responsibility for elsewhere. As much as you may wish to assist in controlling the behavior of others, you can only control your reaction to their behavior, and your actions in any scenario. Working together means working on yourself and allowing others to try their best without criticism or judgment.

Employees are more likely to not take responsibility for their own actions if they are addicted to drugs or alcohol and then bring this behavior onto the jobsite. Employee drug and alcohol screening is designed just for identifying and making decisions concerning these individuals and to have scientific documentation, in case you need to make any permanent changes to your staff. Fortunately, drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices are easy to find and can be affordable enough for your budget. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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