Working Successfully into the Night

When working into the night, your defenses are naturally lowered from theDrug testing in Western Australia stresses of the day, your tolerance is also a little lower, and your desire to take shortcuts can increase exponentially with every hour.

It is important to remember that working successfully into the night requires self discipline, proper care of self at other times of the day, and a clear mind. This clearheaded requirement is not one which can be taken lightly. If an employee seeks to numb the effects of a hard day’s work, they can hardly do better than a nice glass of alcohol. However, if they are still on the job, this “break” can easily take them away from their duties and put them in a more festive state of mind.

Even when implementing drug tests, it is important to remember that adulterants are often added to these tests which negate or effectively displace the results. Our urine drug tests have adulterant test built in, so they automatically protect against most adulterants. This is a safety which can save lives, since many employees who are under the influence and do not get caught easily are also cocky enough to believe that they are untouchable and may choose to lower their reservations even further.

To work successfully into the night, it is necessary for your employees to have total control over their senses so that their reflexes and reasoning is not affected any more than it may be from the lack of recreation or rest. Drug testing in Western Australia is taking off due to the high quality drug test equipment and breathalyser devices distributed by CMM Technology. You will know if your staff is fit for duty through regular screening tests, and will be able to stay on top of your recalibration needs through our breathalyser recalibration service. Employee drug testing is necessary for the safety of your staff, your customers and clientele, and even for you! Drug testing is one of the most steadying aspects of doing business, especially when you have several hundred employees, which is a lot of responsibility. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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