Work, Roommates, and Drugs

Alcotech,alcosense, lion SD 400,lion SD 500, medixIf you have a roommate who abuses drugs or alcohol, you will find it difficult to fully separate their lifestyle from your own. You are surrounded by their habits and by the behavior which supports those habits, and you will slowly start to find yourself adapting to their behavior and living very similarly to the way that they live. This is a dangerous situation. Workplace drug testing at your job will reveal that you have fallen into bad habits and you may even lose your job. A drug free workplace is necessary for any business to survive, and the influence of your roommate may be more detrimental to your job security than you think.

First of all, your income is that of your five closest friends. This has to do with the way money is handled, attitudes about money, and of course jobs and careers. When your associations with other people decrease in quality, your income can actually decrease, as well. Unfortunately, this is likely to occur when you are not living within your means, and now bills are piling up, debts are not being paid, and stress increases. When stress increases, suddenly the addictive habits of your roommate do not look so bad. Employee drug and alcohol testing will reveal this illicit behavior, and your half of the rent could be in jeopardy.

Secondly, living with a drug abuser or alcoholic will make you tolerant to this type of behavior. Work ethic suffers because you care less about the quality of your craftsmanship, increase of income suffers because you lose sight of your previous goals, and lifestyle lowers because you become used to the living habits of an addict. In the past, you were irritated with a coworker who dropped the ball under pressure and let the whole team down. Now, you are that individual. Workplace drug testing is designed to identify and eliminate poor team players, such as yourself after the roommate arrived. Pre screening tests can quickly make this happen, before laboratory appointments are broken.

Living with someone who has an addiction is very difficult. You must realize that you cannot do anything to help them, besides making sure that their negative habits do not lower your own standards. This is why businesses hire drug and alcohol testing companies, such as CMM Technology, in order to obtain quality breathalyser test devices and urine and saliva drug tests. Business standards must be kept, even if personal standards fail: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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