Work-Life Balance in the Workplace

oraline saliva, Alcotech, alcosenseOften, we allow either work or play to get the better of us and reign freely in our lives. This is common and will affect your work-life balance. Either we believe in recreation and taking a free ride, or we are workaholics and prefer staying at work until late at night. Unfortunately, this type of behavior cannot be continued because humans need both work and recreation to stay physically and emotionally healthy. When one or both aspects of our lives is deficient, we feel this hole, and fill it with replacements such as drugs or alcohol.

Work-Life balance depends largely upon perspective

When someone abuses drugs or alcohol, they lose their perspective on themselves and their interactions with others. At this point, they become bogged down in unimportant details or large generalities. Their balance suffers because their perspective suffers, and their perspective suffers because their balance is out of proportion. This is the beginning of a vicious cycle involving drugs or alcohol, misinterpretation of reality, and either laziness or workaholic obsession.

Workaholic behavior depends primarily upon suppression and vision

When someone has a great deal of vision, their habits center around achieving their ideals in the workforce and they are highly motivated. When their work-life balance is out of focus, the result typically leans in the direction of being a workaholic and ignoring home life, family time and recreational activity. This soon develops into suppression of this impact on others and suppression then replaces vision as an excuse for the workaholic habits.

Laziness depends primarily upon guilt and appreciation

On the other end of the spectrum, lazy individuals are able to truly appreciate the good times and the luxurious resources around them and the people with whom they interact. However, because they are too focused on recreation, they feel guilty that they are not being as productive as they could be, and this guilt causes them to freeze up: the language of fear. Suddenly, the recreational activities are the only productive thing in their lives, because fear and guilt have taken over and started to reign supreme.

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