Work Ethic in the 21st Century

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Employee Drug TestingAs global inflation and monetary problems become worse, thousands of people are laid off. Unemployment, while being a huge concern for many people, is not life or death situation for others. Workers’ compensation plans and government issued unemployment benefits in developed nations support an attitude of laziness, as if it does not matter whether one is occupied with something useful, because they will be provided for. No wonder that workplace drug testing has reached an all time high in recent years. This lackadaisical mindset is scorned by another subset of low wage employees: those who support the busy work ethic, and busyness in general, whether or not it is useful. Both mindsets are detrimental and contribute to the need for drug and alcohol testing, both at work and in the home.

To begin, we will discuss the attitude of laziness, one in which the individual does not really bother themselves with consequences or hard decision making. These are people who rarely take partial, much less full, responsibility for their lives. They are focused on just getting by, surviving, having a good time, and enjoy the slogan, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.” Their singular lack of interest in smart choices and investments supports a perpetual lifestyle of poverty. Workplace drug testing is important in making sure that these employees do not abuse what few responsibilities you have given them. Let us see if the second mindset is any better.

A study done on attitudes about retirement reveals the same mental habits employed by those who value keeping busy all of the time. These individuals believe that busyness is directly correlated with productivity (it is not), and that as long as they stay occupied, they justify whatever uselessness they actually possess. Kevin Trudeau once spoke of a former employee who “…worked fourteen hours a day and never got anything done!” This attitude is also partially imbalanced. These employees are not as likely as the former group to fail drug and alcohol testing, but they must still be watched carefully, especially if they are paid by the hour or day, rather than on commission. Their constantly moving uselessness could be costing you money. So where is the work ethic we business owners value so much?

It is hidden away in a few individuals who take pride in their accomplishments, budget their income responsibly, and seek to make the organization more efficient as a whole, rather just their little part of it. Contact CMM Technology today for information about drug and alcohol testing and the training we offer to your more competent employees: +618-9204-2500.

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