Work and Family Drug Prevention

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Employee Drug TestingThe prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism can be a difficult task. At home, such efforts can be lead to family members moving out, becoming violent, or becoming very defensive. At work, this process becomes a little easier through the use of drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis. Screening tests are available for on-site testing, where your employee is tested for non-negative results. Any non-negative results are sent back to the laboratory for confirmatory testing. This saves time and money and productivity during business operations. Fortunately, on-site testing is available 24/7, so it accommodates high-hazard industries, such as mining and transportation.

It is said that the key to drug control is prevention. Interestingly enough, this is also said about physical disease. These two statements are parallel to each other. Drug abuse and alcoholism are both self-sustaining diseases, which affect every part of our lives, our job performance, our paycheques, our family members, our interactions with friends, and our physical and emotional health and happiness. While not every form of disease prevention is possible or even that effective, workplace drug testing is extremely effective and available for every size of business, from large companies to small partnerships.

Drug and alcohol testing is necessary in order to keep your company safe and effective. Think of your place of business as a physical body. There are departments devoted to regulated financial flow, devoted to productivity and service maintenance, and devoted to cleanliness and ethics. When the disease of drug abuse penetrates this body, it becomes less functional, less efficient, and the potential increases for the disease to spread. Urine or saliva drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests can be quickly administered to determine the “health” of your organization. If it lacks high quality team players, they can be replaced by new, better employees. This is why drug and alcohol testing is so frequently used. It is a method of disease prevention which is consistently effective, across a variety of companies and just about every industry.

CMM Technology makes a living from the health of your business. If we did not do our job correctly, then you would find your company floundering for basic resources with which to operate. If we did not do our job correctly, you would immediately be able to discern this and would replace us. We deliver the highest quality drug and alcohol testing equipment available, from high quality Lion and Lifeloc breathalysers to urine and saliva drug tests. Contact us today: (+61)1300 79 70 30.

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