Women and Drug Abuse

cost of drug and alcohol testing, lion sd400 perthAround fifty percent of all women have used drugs at least once in their lifetimes, and a high percentage of these women abused more than one drug. Women are most likely to become hard addicted to specific drugs, such as crack cocaine and methamphetamine. One theory is that women are more likely to suffer from depression than men, so they are more likely to abuse stimulants, or “uppers,” than other, more inhibitory, drugs. HIV is a high risk of using hypodermic needles, and the result, AIDS, is the fourth leading cause of death among women. In addition to this, women are more likely to become addicted quicker than men and find it more difficult to recover from drug abuse and alcoholism once they are addicted. [1]

Women are twice as likely to abuse substances during their teen years as men. Studies have shown that hallucinogenic or psychoactive drugs, such as LSD and PCP, are small percentages of total drug abuse, while cocaine and marijuana were the most abused substances. A study on Australian women showed that more than fifty percent of women in their twenties reported drug abuse in their lives, even if they were no longer using. [2]

The fact that women can become pregnant coupled with the high rate of continued substance abuse with respect to men gives the medical profession and family members great alarm concerning the health of any potential babies or children. Babies who are born addicted have significantly lower birth weights and can end up with diseases, such as cerebral palsy. It is unfortunate that mothers are capable of causing this much harm so early on in their child’s life, but the facts remain…women who do not seek help for their drug and alcohol addictions early on in pregnancy may be continuing a dangerous tradition of weakened immune system, disease-ridden flesh, and children who may not live to see adulthood. [3]

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