Withdraw Your Trust from the Drug Users

Urine drug testAs a community loving society, humans are programmed to trust each other and to develop bonds, societal connections, and relationships with each other. We can protect ourselves better in a group, we can share the labor in a group, and we can grow up with a certain amount of safety and nurturing within a group. Community involvement is necessary in order to reap these benefits, and thus the nature of trust is born.

However, there are times when this trust can be misplaced, misused, or just misinterpreted. The title “con artist” is short of “confidence artist.” If someone can gain the trust and confidence of other people to their own exclusive gain, then they are a confidence artist, who can wield and manipulate their victims in a variety of different ways. In fact, in a society built on trust, this is the only way in which non-societal members can integrate themselves without a commitment to the community.

Businesses employ workplace drug testing as part of an evaluative procedure to “catch” these con artists. Not everyone is trying to get away with it, but employees who are abusing substances while on the worksite are a danger to everyone, actively or not. Employee drug testing helps to keep an eye on anyone who might be doing this and to deter them from abusing further if they wish to keep their job. Withdrawing your trust from the drug users is one of the best self protective things you can do. No company should rely upon workers who have no interest in doing a quality job with a clear mind. Nobody should have to rely upon a company being that unstable.

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