Why We Are Fat

In Covert Bailey’s The Ultimate Fit or Fat, he discusses why people are fat, and this is pretty much due to a lack ofWhy We Are Fat movement on our parts. Bailey discusses how fat first develops in unused muscle and tissue, and then finally overflows into all that extraneous fat that is so visible and so irritating. In other words, kids tend to be less fat because they are always moving around and bending and flexing and running and climbing and getting up and down off the floor. Their muscles are being used and they quickly develop immunity to gaining fat. However, some people are less likely to move around than others. Why is this?

Workplace drug testing exists to help companies keep their operations smooth and fluid running. However, hiccups in the process occur when someone is incompetent, unwise, causes accidents or stirs up trouble among their coworkers. Drug and alcohol testing is available for these people and is necessary because they are quite possibly acting under the influence of either substance.

Fatness, lack of movement, muscle atrophy and intense dissatisfaction with one’s life are all heavily related, no pun intended. This dissatisfaction can lead to drug abuse or alcohol abuse, and it can also be the cause of substance abuse. Therefore, movement (and lots of it) is the key factor here.

Unfortunately, those who abuse drugs and alcohol are not even able to handle the slightest amount of responsibility over their own lives so, even though they may understand that they need to physically move around, it may simply be something which they cannot bring themselves to do and it may be really emotionally taxing when they do.

It is really important to keep your company in good shape, and that includes making sure that low emotional intelligence and drug abuse and alcohol abuse do not penetrate your walls. Try out drug testing in Western Australia by ordering our drug and alcohol testing products. We at CMM Technology offer Medix, Oraline saliva drug tests, and other drug tests, as well as Lifeloc FC10Plus personal breathalyser devices. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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