Why Gender Roles are So Effective in the Workplace

chain of custody, pre screening, screening testsThe subject of inequality within the workplace is a hot topic. Controversy, subjectivity and prejudice are major issues which surround this particular subject. However, this article is not about inequality, but rather equality. The two genders have equally powerful strengths, which are different and cannot be separated, but which give both sexes sufficient power to overcome the other. It is this difference that accounts for many problems and solutions within the work environment.

It is well-known that women are initially more affected by alcohol than men of the same weight. This is because men naturally produce more enzymes in the stomach which breaks down alcohol, and therefore reduces the effect of drunkenness. It is also well-known that women are far more likely to quit drug addiction if they become pregnant, in order to give birth to a healthy child. Power roles are also varied. Men feel less of a need to usurp women within female roles, whereas women are tenacious in achieving equality within male roles. Men separate decisions from emotions more often than women, but women have a stronger sense of nurturing and providence than men.

The above remarks are being made by a female, in case either gender is offended. Obviously, equality is achievable and a worthy goal, but true equality lies in recognizing the differences and strengths in both gender roles. It would be insulting to both men and women to lop both sexes into one pile and call them identical. Humans are not unisex.

In a famous TED Talk, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the food industry’s search for the perfect spaghetti sauce. Thousands of people were polled in order to see which sauce was the favorite and should be marketed to the masses. After reviewing all of the data, it was found that many different flavors and types of spaghetti sauces were the favorite. The availability of choice was more marketable than any one specific flavor. Video for this speech found here.

In drug and alcohol testing, prevention, recovery, intervention and abuse, men and women exhibit different strengths within their personal lives and within the workplace environment. We do not advocate using offensive gender stereotypes to maximize your company’s efforts to stay clean. We do encourage you to identify specific strengths in each member of your staff and utilize their individual strengths to maximize gain and operation. It is an encouraging fact that your business associates do not all have to think alike or bear the same types of responsibility. Imagine how difficult it would be to organize such a task! Instead, value the individual variations within your staff and utilize their strengths to function efficiently.

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