Why Employee Relationship Management Can Reduce Substance Abuse

Let’s face it: We all want more money. Our businesses want more revenue and our families want a higher income. This is not an unreasonable request. Every human being is capable of using his or her resources in an effective manner. The problem is rarely a lack of resources, but rather a mismanagement of resources. Your employees are an asset to your company, or you would never have hired them in the first place. Whenever they become an obvious liability, you immediately fire them. Whenever they bring in better company revenue, you promote them so that they receive a higher income and in order to foster a stabile environment for your business.

Your employees must be managed and related to in a reasonable manner. If you are too controlling or you are too lackadaisical, then your company will not ever see strong teamwork or a solid business plan. Both micro-managing and being a figurehead boss can significantly harm your company. You must be hands on, you must be firm, and you must give your staff room to grow and improve. If you have not taken courses on proper employee management and public relations, you might consider doing so now. This is not a responsibility which should be taken lightly.

In The Journal of Social Psychology, Tjosvold, Hui, and Law discuss cooperative goals set by businesses which resulted in stronger employee-manager relationships. [1] The attitude and facilitation of cooperation makes the business relationship a team effort, one of mutual contribution and interaction. This is opposed to the dated, ineffective business model of A-working-for-B. If an employer makes the crucial mistake of engendering an atmosphere of “You work for me, and that is the reason why you should do this,” then employees will always feel like the underdogs, rather than equal participants. Work will become a chore, rather than a blessing, and the entire company will suffer both revenue loss and client loss. If there is enough revenue loss, then employees may be laid off in an attempt to downsize. This will, in turn, engender an environment of fear. Fear reduces productivity and quality even further.

Foster creative, efficient and productive relationships with your employees. If you do not have the proper skills, take action to learn these skills. Drug and alcohol abuse is most prevalent in stressful and high-risk workplaces. Take responsibility for the health of your company and contact CMM Technology today to ask about our drug and alcohol testing equipment: +618-9204-2500.

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