Where Was the Structure When Abuse Arrived?

Workplace Drug Test, Urine Drug Test, Chain Of CustodyWhether you are the substance abuser or you know the abuser, you are aware of the reputation which can quickly develop among the members of your community. Phrases, such as, “Where was the structure?” “How did this happen?” “I can’t believe they are choosing to do this,” and “Why don’t they just stop?” may be thrown around. And, as much as you would like this office gossip to stop, you may be asking yourself the exact same questions. What really happened?

Many cases of substance abuse are stated to be the result of missing psychological and emotional growth. However, there is something to be said for structure and follow-through. Structure creates a skeletal model and foundation on which to base your important decisions. Without this structure, the options and results become far less clear. When your personal or professional lives are unstructured, then drug and alcohol abuse moves in to take away the responsibility that you have to correct this problem.

Some people are born organized and they possess a natural affinity for compartmentalization. However, the rest of us may suffer from disorganized habits and unstructured lives. This results in many negative results, such as being late, appearing unkempt, unhealthy meal preparation habits, stress, incompetence, unreliable behavior, forgetfulness, laziness and low self esteem. As you see, it is important to maintain a minimum level of structure in our lives to be successful.

Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace is typically the result of many irregularities in one’s life, only one of those being a lack of structure. However, it is well-known that you are able to focus on your physical needs much better when your home is clean and your relationships are successful. All diseases are lifestyle diseases.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are both lifestyle disease. They feed on the health of our physical bodies, the solidity of our relationships, the accuracy with which we make decisions, our emotional growth, our self respect, and our very lives. These diseases can take away much more than your health, but everything which makes you who you are. Yes, it is difficult to implement structure under these conditions, but the alternative is far worse.

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