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lion alcoblow, drug free workplace,workplace drug testYou have a drug and alcohol testing programme in place. You are using quality devices and are reaping the rewards. Your employees have been involved in the development and introduction of the testing program and there has been little resistance or complaint. In fact, the change in morale and in workplace behaviour has been positive and although you do not have the statistics to prove it, you do know that this success and workplace contentment is very much due to the way you have developed and implemented your fitness for duty and your drug and alcohol testing procedures on site.

But you still need access to quality information about drugs and alcohol, and you understand that it is your job to keep abreast of drug and alcohol changes and usage in your workplace. You also know it is important to understand the patterns of usage in the wider community, as these will invariably be reflected in your workplace sooner or later.

So how do you do all this without adding yet another added burden to your already busy job?

CMM Technology is always one step ahead and is proud to offer its clients the latest and most important information on drugs, alcohol, patterns of use, problem and popular substances in the community and many other issues that relate to occupational health, drug and alcohol testing and academic research. The “News and Events” section of the CMM Technology website gives you up to date information that you can readily source or even subscribe to by way of RSS feeds or by simply clicking on the news and event page daily.[1]

We also regularly offer useful and reliable links for readers.[2] You can source the new links section of the website, and you can also conveniently see the links supplied below and every few weeks in the news and events section, which may be of use to you and your organisation:

SafeWork Australia – an independent agency that focuses on OHS improvements and compensation issues for Australian workers. http://nosi.ascc.gov.au/

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction – this national research centre considers alcohol and other drugs related fields and the investigation of workforce development. http://www.nceta.flinders.edu.au/

Australian Institute of Criminology – premier criminal justice and crime research agency. Brimming with useful statistics to help your organisation and your decision-making. http://www.aic.gov.au

CMM Technology understands your need to keep up to date with research and information. A good organisation is a well informed and educated organisation and CMM Technology supports a thorough and comprehensive understanding of workplace drug and alcohol issues. For more information about the quality testing products supplied by CMM Technology, please telephone (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

[1] http://cmm.com.au

[2] http://cmm.com.au/research-links-0_4.html

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