When To Let Go of Your Employee Or Loved One

cost of drug and alcohol testing, lion sd400 perthYou may be faced with a difficult decision. You could be looking to fire an employee, knowing the repercussions this will make in their lives, or you could be wondering whether or not you should let go of a relationship with a loved one. Either way, this is an important step in understanding yourself and how you make decisions.

Let us begin by separating the two circumstances. Employees exist to forward the economic goals of your company. If they fail to do so, then they are no longer employees, but children of the firm. You are feeding them and clothing them, but they bear no actual responsibility for the care and maintenance of your business. [1]

Loved ones are usually close friends or family members. If you are looking to perhaps separate yourself from them, then you are obviously close enough to be hurt by their abusive behavior. Understand that if this is about a loved one, then you are sitting in the middle of a seesaw, and that drastic actions in either direction will be harmful to one or both of you. On the one hand, cutting yourself off from them completely may destroy the last sense of community which they have and may hurt you emotionally, as well. On the other hand, becoming too closely involved with them will allow them to pull you in to participate in their destructive behavior, even if you are just being pushed around like a pawn. [2]

Dealing with an employee, no matter how fond you are of them, should be simple, quick and clean. Your company will thank you for its renewed health. However, dealing with the abuse of a loved one will mean that you have to set boundaries and enforce them. It may not ever be wise to let go of a loved one completely or cut them off entirely, but these boundaries must be established if you are to keep yourself and still keep them, too. Remember, if you lose your identity or self-worth in attempting to help them, it does not make them any stronger, but it does make you weaker. It is important that you define and stick to your boundaries so that you do lose yourself in the other person, even if you are able to keep them in your life. [3]

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