When to Apologize

When to ApologizeApologizing is hard to do (duh!), but it is necessary sometimes. Unfortunately, lower level employees do not always know when or how they should apologize and the two inevitable results are either the cold heartless so & so’s who have too much pride or the sniveling groveling doormats who take responsibility for things they had nothing to do with. It is, unfortunately, a cycle which is destined to repeat itself, since it is something which lower level employees are very inexperienced in.

The time to apologize happens approximately thirty minutes to two hours after the deed is done. Why not apologize as soon as you have messed up? Frequently, your victim feels a rush of emotional upset or anger or intolerance spiking right after you have committed your mistake, and this means that your heartfelt and profuse apologies will fall on deaf ears during this time. Rather than deplete your own energy, just wait a short while, and then proceed to soften the blow.

In the meantime, damage control can be very helpful in long term forgiveness. The time for action is right after you have made your mistake and, if anyone else is a part of the mistake or the solution process, get them involved immediately. If you can physically clean up or make up for what you have done, get to work on fixing things right away. However, this clean up process should NOT get in the way of the apologizing at the right moment. There have been numerous occasions of the perpetrator spending far too much time cleaning up before they make their actions known to their victim and, in the meantime, they have been replaced by someone who is also doing the same job. Save everyone time and get things done appropriately. You can finish cleaning up or completing your task after the apology has been made and the other person has been told what you are doing to make up for it.

Lastly, never apologize if you have yet to figure out just exactly what you have done wrong. Even if you have a gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach, first identify what you actually did wrong, separate fact from fiction, then go about correcting the problem. If, however, you feel no guilt, sit down and think about why not. Perhaps the other person lashed out in a moment of temper or frustration and you have nothing to feel guilty about. In this case, simply go quietly about your work.

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