When Should You Implement Drug and Alcohol Testing?

Screening Tests, Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceIf you own or manage a small business, you may wonder when if it is a good idea to begin implementing drug and alcohol testing services. You should know that many small businesses, with as little as five employees, use drug testing services as well as background checks to ensure the safety of their company equipment, financial resources, and the continued relationship with their customer base. Many business owners treat their company as an organism which must be fed, carefully nurtured, and tended to daily. If they employ untrustworthy employees, then they put their entire beloved operation into jeopardy. You see, most small business managers really do love their line of work and they value the work that their business does, almost as much as the money that this work brings in. Workplace drug testing is excellent in securing your own operation within four safe walls. What are some of the signs you should notice to begin doing this?

You can no longer personally evaluate and oversee every member of your staff

When you can no longer personally oversee and pay attention to the work of all of your employees, it helps to have a legal and technical safety net in place to avoid any problems which may occur. Part of this integrated safety net is workplace drug testing.

You are frustrated with the long hours you are spending at your office

Many self employed people who seek to begin their own business and engage employees run into a typical problem. Since they are used to being self employed and being experts in their field, they unused to relinquishing control over their work and teaching other people systems which develop their technical skills. If you are one of these people, you might find that you had better leave everything in the hands of your office manager and be a little more hands off yourself. Using drug and alcohol testing is an excellent way to still hold the reins and feel in control without actually being present.

You want your business to become more self sufficient and self sustaining

In this case, you might want to be the one who researches and looks over different employee drug and alcohol screening programs in your area. CMM Technology ships our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices worldwide and we’d love to have your business.

In short, you should begin implementing employee drug testing when you see your company growing and feel that you should step outside of the system and begin making it automatic. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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