What types of testing methods are best for your workplace?

The types of testing methodologies currently available in the Australian and international markets varies greatly. To determine the best testing technology option(s) for your workplace, it is highly recommended that you speak to our expert CMM Technology team for guidance on (+618) 9204 2500. For example, variables used to determine the best testing technology options for your workplace testing program are contingent on the following assessment areas:

  • National and state legislation guidelines
  • OHS risk assessment
  • Risk culture indentification
  • Geographic location
  • Industry type
  • Size of business
  • Industrial relations rulings
  • Budget.

Overall, present testing methodologies available include: saliva tests, urine tests and other testing applications that assess impairment levels. Our extensive range of breathalysers, simple saliva mouth swabs, state-of -the-art testing technologies and urine testers (which facilitate these testing methodologies), are just some of the instruments which can be introduced to your testing program.

With the ongoing advances in drug and alcohol detection technology as well as policy and legislation developments, it is highly recommended that you visit our CMM Technology website regularly to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest testing technologies, legislation changes, best practices and support services. Speak to our helpful team of experts today on (+618) 9204 2500 for more information about our comprehensive, market leading products and services.

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