What To Do About Withdrawal Symptoms

Pre Screening, Screening Tests, Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceAh, the withdrawal. The moment in time right after all of the endorphins have worn off, before the body has been rehydrated and fed, and usually directly after you realize that you cannot or are not supposed to continue with the addiction. That is an unpleasant time, is it not?

Withdrawal from any addiction is physically painful, emotionally taxing, and it always seems to reveal those areas of your life or self which are underdeveloped. You will naturally experience testiness, anger, rage, dissatisfaction, depression, frustration, realization of your already low self-esteem, loneliness, isolation, and extremely high or low energy, depending on the addictive substance. [1]

Remember, these are the symptoms of your withdrawal and they will not last. First and foremost, recognize that the next few weeks (or months) will still not be entirely spent in reality. The pressure on your emotions will be so great that you will lack perspective and understanding, so do not make any major decisions during this time.

Secondly, start feeding your body the nutrition for which it has been starved all this time. Fresh-cooked meats, raw fruits and vegetables, wholesome juice and limited grains will speed up this process. Avoid soft drinks, for they are dehydrating. And you may become temporarily sick in the short-term, because the shock of going from poison to enriching foods will initiate a strong detoxification. [2]

Next, you will need to schedule both family and alone time as part of your regular activities. Take in the communal support from being around loved ones and use this to help you gain emotional perspective while you are going through withdrawal. In your alone time, remember that simply emptying your thoughts, forgiving yourself and allowing peace to settle on your shoulders may be more healing than you think. [3]

Lastly, you will need to successfully integrate back into society. At this point, you may have developed a reputation for drug or alcohol abuse. Do not allow this to intimidate you. Desperately trying to convince someone of your clean lifestyle will only leave you feeling weak and they may not believe you, anyway. Learn self acceptance first, then go about your daily living concentrating only on the task at hand. Becoming emotionally involved with others at this point is playing a dangerous game. Remember, emotional instability is what brought on the addictive behavior to begin with.

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