What is Cool

During teen years and young adulthood, the individual must recognise and understand acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, based upon their own standards of conduct which they have previously defined. During this time, the subject of what is cool also helps them define their standards of conduct. In fact, factors such as athletic ability, physical development, strength, beauty, and independence are all stereotypical synonyms of coolness. Why is this so? When children seek to enter adulthood, they grasp and latch onto features which appear adult in their own eyes. This is why some individuals seek to learn the ways of handling money, some seek to learn ways to demonstrate strength and power, and some seek to learn ways of handling people and forming air-tight relationships. However, being cool is part of this process, since it validates the need for freedom and independence, which are both necessary in order to enter adulthood, in the minds of most people no matter who they are.

This is why drug abuse and alcoholism in teenagers and young adults is part of being popular. In this manner, they establish their own identity, apart from their younger classmates and also apart from their adult colleagues or authorities. In this manner, they initiate the process of growing up. However, this perception of freedom is often nurtured for too long, bringing occasional rebellious behavior into everyday activity. When problems arise, these individuals may struggle with discerning between acting like adults and their previous relationship with freedom, i.e. their substance abuse.

In essence, when individuating themselves from their parents and other authority figures, individuals can take one act of freedom and become dependent upon it. This is dangerous to their physical health and safety, as well as to their psychological development. Workplace drug testing exists to protect one entity: the business. When employees bring their substance abuse onto the jobsite, they bring danger to the jobsite. Employee drug and alcohol testing enables you to protect this asset, and not allow it to be affected by less-than-mature behavior like that. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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