What is Best for the Individual and the Group

What is Best for the Individual and the GroupThe famous mathematician and economist, John Nash, determined that the economy cannot be purely based upon what is best for the individual alone. It must also be based upon what is best for the whole of society or the whole of the group which is being discussed. It has to do with how everyone can achieve a win-win situation, rather than resorting to a win-lose scenario, where some people are drained of their assets while the power and influence of others increase.

In order for society to better itself, Nash believed that both sides must be taken care of equally: both the individual interest and the group interest. Both sides must be considered and the best solution will be the one which provides for the both the singular person and his self interest and for the group as a whole and its self interest. There are many theories out there about how this model could be applied to society as a whole, but in this article, we are only discussing how it can be applied to specific businesses. This particularly means your business.

Drug test kits and ToxSure saliva drug tests and other drug test equipment are used nationwide in order to draw effective results from employees of these specific businesses. Drug testing in Western Australia is particularly proud to have CMM Technology as part of its drug test equipment providers. We distribute all over the country, though. When applying the business model above, you will see that employee drug testing is both best for the job sustenance and security of the individual, but also as a means of data reading for the whole business. How can you know what is really going on with your employees if you do not make sure that they are following company policies and making sure that their actions are safe and reliable for those around them?

The necessity to use drug testing of any kind arises from the all too common habit of seeing just what we can all get away with. Every person pushes against the boundaries of society around them. The key to acquiring this necessary data is in the drug test equipment provided by CMM Technology. We are your answer: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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