What I’ve Observed About Words

Words are one of the most powerful tools and forces in the universe. Through words, we can document events and thoughts which happened in the past and spread this information around to many thousands of other humans. Through words, we can communicate effectively with each, expressing both thoughts and very vague and ethereal ideas. Through words, we can give commands to physically harm someone, and we can inflict direct emotional damage onto those with whom we are having a disagreement. Clearly, words are very powerful, very forceful, and carry a ton of weight with everyone.

I’ve observed that drug addiction and alcoholism does not just take its toll upon the individual himself. It also takes its toll upon all of the relationships which touch that individual, starting first with the words. From the words, all sorts of things can arise but the words come first. Even after physical abuse and verbal abuse and property damage and emotional havoc have been wreaked upon loved ones, the sign that the relationship is over is marked heavily by the lack of words. Where there are no words, there is no relationship…of any kind.

Children who are not able to use the spoken word are often marked as autistic or some level of mental deficiency. While this may or may not be true, the level of competency is determined by their ability to use words. In many cases, autistic and mentally incompetent children are segregated from their classmates and taught in a private school area of their own, where their teachers have been taught first aid and how to “manage” them. To a small degree, children who cannot use words are almost considered not to be human, or at least not fully human.

Drug testing in the workplace neither judges nor discriminates based upon word usage. The test is performed based upon company policy and likelihood of abuse of substances by the individual. Employee drug testing is scientific and does not offer an opinion upon humanity or any other living being. It is about numbers and data and clean, clear-cut information. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30


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