What Does Drug Testing Actually Do?

Workplace Drug TestingDrug testing seems very clinical to many people, so it therefore does not seem to hold much value outside of numbers and data interpretation and “getting caught.” Other than those things, many people feel that drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is gray and boring and sometimes purposeless. Fortunately, drug testing is both an art and a science, yielding incredible results and data concerning your employees, and this ability is not to be taken lightly. There was a time when employees who were abusing substances on the side could not be caught unless they actually showed up to work drunk and it was obvious to certain people that they were. Drug addiction was more difficult to detect, especially if it was only used recreationally, which is often enough to pose as a health and safety hazard, but not strong enough to be all that noticeable while on the jobsite.

While many employers do not use employee drug and alcohol screening because they do not feel it is necessary, others are being defrauded by their employees, an incident which potentially could have been prevented by the use of drug and alcohol screening. Sometimes, when offices are small and everyone goes out for dinner or drinks together afterward, it may seem as if you would be able to tell if one of your employees is under the influence. However, this is not always the case. For one thing, you may be so attached to your workers that you tend to turn a blind eye on any unusual behavior. For another, closeness of time and proximity does not always mean that abusing employees cannot deceive everyone. Lastly, drug and alcohol testing provides scientific documentation of their illicit behavior, which is admissible in court and is legally binding. In this manner, if you should fire a long-time employee because of their drug use or alcoholism, you can protect your company from lawsuit.

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