What Burden Writers Bear

As a writer, the author wishes to convey the duty which writers owe the outside world and why this burden of responsibility must be taken so seriously. At one point in time, text and the printed word were not available to the western world, and this was no accident. Words are powerful and they convey meaning and life histories and adventures which today can be substituted for actually living the real thing and putting yourself in that type of danger. Words can give first person accounts of people, places, rare and amazing objects, not to mention the information value which both words and pictures can convey. Any how-to manual is a tribute to how important information is to our world. Google and other search engines are available to today because of this first printing and publication process which became spread throughout Europe and the Americas en masse. Thankfully, projects such as the Google book project and various Gutenberg and Amazon projects are making texts available to us for free, texts which we would normally have to purchase either online or in a bookstore.

Writers have been the innovators and the controversial underdogs of mankind when we were the least popular and the most condemned for our work. The availability today of all of our hard work is merely a testament to how powerful those initial words were, centuries ago. Now, since anyone can read and understand our writing, it is even more important than ever to understand and utilize our burden of responsibility well. After all, if we do not do our job, how will anyone know, and others, even thousands of others, can be led astray by that. Fortunately, CMM Technology employs high quality writers who do our homework and perform our research and strive to bring you the best content for the best price…free!

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