What’s a Saliva Drug Test?

With the prevalence of drug and alcohol use within society, there’s been a corresponding call by occupational safety experts and businesses to address the matter in a satisfactory way. In ‘high risk’ industries such aviation, mining and construction, the call to eliminate or reduce risks caused by intoxication or drug induced impairment is a very real health and safety concern of critical importance. To date, the most effective method (from both a deterrent and detection standpoint) is the workplace drug and alcohol testing program.

In many workplaces throughout the world, the traditional method for drug and alcohol testing consists of urine testing. However, with the advent of state-of-the-art technology and a more educative as opposed to punitive approach towards breaches of workplace protocol, less invasive methods of detection have increased in use: one such method being the saliva test.

The saliva test (also called an oral fluid or a mouth swab test), is an increasingly popular method of detection by many Unions and employees. A commonly cited reason for its preferred status is that its limited detection window (which only extends to very recent drug use), contrasts with traditional urine tests which can detect a history of drug use that reaches back for many weeks or even months in the case of cannabis. Another reason for the popularity of this methodology, is due to the simplicity of this new technology and to the much simpler, more cost-effective and comparatively easy to deploy method of implementation: as no advanced medical knowledge or urine testing units are required to collect samples, most staff can, in fact, competently manage their workplace drug and alcohol testing program without a nursing or medical qualification. However, most countries do require that authorised collectors receive accredited training.

Overall, some of the key advantages of the saliva drug test (to traditional forms of drug and alcohol detection methods) include:

  • Simple application
  • Procedures are less disruptive for normative workplace operations
  • Screening results are obtained within minutes
  • ‘Down time’ for employees is minimised
  • Less resistance by unions and employees on the grounds of privacy invasion and intrusive detection methodology
  • Only recent drug use or exposure is identified
  • Cost-effective testing method
  • Collection process is observed from start to finish: this prevents sample collections being tampered, diluted, substituted or adulterated
  • Testing process can be conducted wherever necessary: from remote work sites to other places of employment, thereby causing minimal disruption to workplace business
  • In most countries, the process is fully supported by laboratory confirmation of ‘presumptive positive’ results. In this way, employees are not required to provide additional samples for analysis.

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