Weak Separations

Weak SeparationsPeople naturally live pretty compartmentalized lives, with work and home living being extremely separate and boundaries being set in place between professional and personal relationships and even standards of living and working. Everything is different when you bring work home or when you try to live at your office.

The lines become blurred.

Now, imagine that that has happened with your relationships. People often discount the value of separation between each other, but there is quite a bit to that idea. Rather than establishing a community where everyone is in constant and continuous contact with each other, boundaries are placed, and letting go of someone in your life is easy and painless. Unfortunately, people deal with separation in varying degrees of difficulty. Just being away from someone regular in your life can seem overwhelming, although everyone tends to feel a lot less loss after the fact than they thought they would. Weak separations can lead to individuals coming back into your newly clean life, and these individuals may have been separated because they were abusing drugs or alcohol. When addicts return, they usually need money for their addiction, and they may justify stealing from you by pointing to your new attitude toward them. It is important to stand strong behind your decisions. When a company has an employee who cannot follow the policy, then it must fire the employee, regardless of personal feelings between coworkers.

It is in the company’s best interest to create separation at this point.

That is why CMM Technology facilitates this process through employee drug testing. To find out if your staff is fit for duty, utilize our drug test kits and our breathalyser devices, as well as our breathalyser recalibration service. Your company deserves the best employees, and there is only one way to make sure you have them. Scientific data are necessary for this evaluation. Doing it through other more subjective methods can open a business up to lawsuits. Results from a urine drug test, however, are rather unarguable. It is this kind of assurance that you are looking for in a company which sells drug test equipment. For more information, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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