Water Based Adulterants

Adulterants are additives which mess up drug test results. The individual taking the drug test can add an adulterant to chemically alter the test, they can Employee drug testingbring in replacement urine, they can dilute the sample, or they can attempt to distort the results by taking certain chemical, herbs or liquids before taking the drug test.

Water based adulterants are the most commonly used in messing up a drug test result. The individual can either drink a lot of water the day before and the day of the screening test or they can add some sort of dilution, including just water itself, to the sample cup. Fortunately, diluted samples are considered to be tests of interest to a drug testing company such as ourselves, and so the individual would be more likely to have to submit a secondary sample if the result came back diluted. Now, when it comes to chemical alterations, CMM Technology has you covered.

Our special drug test kit, Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, is designed with an adulterant test already built in to the cup. Now, that is efficiency for you. If a compromised sample has been given, all you have to do is use our drug test equipment instead of the drug test kits you have been using. CMM Technology prides ourselves on being a leader in drug testing in Western Australia, and we ship our products all over our country. There really isn’t a reason why you cannot have everything you need in order to implement your employee drug testing in a reasonable and effective way.

We’ve thought of everything.

Adulterants come in many different forms, and drug testing services are great at spotting suspicious looking samples. These companies make a living at accurately reporting drug testing results, and CMM Technology delivers the drug test equipment to many of these testing services. In addition to that, we often deliver directly to businesses which desire to use onsite drug testing as part of their protocol.

We cover that, too.

Whatever you may be dealing with in the testing context, CMM Technology has you covered: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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