Victim Mentality: Conditioned to Lose

One of the primary reasons why there seems to be an ever-widening gap between the high elite and the lower classes in the Western world today is due to a victim mentality. This is a conditioning process. Most children, no matter how poor they are, never feel that there is not hope or that they cannot do anything they wish to accomplish. However, as we age, we are conditioned by our parents and other authority figures to accept and reject certain ideas, and our close and loving (or genetic) relationships with these people who we love and respect cause us to make seemingly illogical choices, which make perfect sense to us.

Taking things personally is even a conditioned response. Even at a young age, children who would normally forgive and forget are taught that this is wrong and that they should feel offended when someone slights them in any way and that it was surely done on purpose. This is usually passed down from alcoholic to alcoholic, from drug addict to drug addict. This is meant to teach the children that it is an “us against them” way of doing things which is natural. Even when the children themselves see this as illogical and not beneficial, they still adopt this mentality and cause themselves and plenty of loved ones a great deal of damage. It is this unwillingness to forgive and then learn from what might be a mistake that they see as unacceptable, and they learn this from parents that are unable to forgive themselves and are thus unable to see or recognize forgiveness or acceptance from others.

The victim mentality is a conditioned response, passed from one victim to another, until the sickness is so obvious and so detrimental that the cycle is broken by a fed up individual who wishes to not be sucked in to the pattern. This is of course a crazy set of circumstances, but who ever said that drug addiction or alcoholism or victimization were sane.

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