We have all been around someone, or been the person who, finally releases all of their patience and blows up over what may seem to be a small problem. Usually, this is because of many different stress-related factors manifesting themselves in their lives, but it may only be one single small act or situation which sends someone over the edge. This is why females, and to a certain extent males as well, find it so fulfilling to vent to each other over drinks or supper at the end of the day. This is not a form of incessant gossiping or talk. This is a very real, very necessary form of negative energy release which allows the individual to start the next day anew and afresh without that pent up anger to drag them down until they finally blow up. This venting is essential to allowing you to build self control and discernment.

Often, when we are angry, we lose perspective. This loss of perspective is one of the ingredients necessary to breed a homicidal maniac. Without venting, the anger continues to stew within us, and we finally end up shooting it forth in very damaging steam. Our victims may or may not be the perpetrator of our anger, but whatever the case, it comes out and it comes out in very unpleasant ways. Venting allows time to pass, and we know that time is a great tool for building perspective and acquiring more knowledge about the situation, and it allows the individual to cool off in between each stressful situation. Fortunately, this stress release is particularly helpful in preventing physical manifestations of stress, such as ulcers, boils, high blood pressure, and tumor growth.

In addition to all of the physical health benefits of venting, one experiences significant and noticeable psychological benefits, such as emotional rebalancing and reappraisal of the stressful situation.  This prevents your employees from using other stress release techniques, such as drug abuse or alcoholism, to achieve this necessary psychological balance. Suggestions for the workplace? Foster an atmosphere of communication, where employees are able to present ideas and complaints in very open and airy environment of support and respect. And in the meantime? Use employee drug and alcohol testing to monitor their progress in that direction. Workplace drug testing is one of the best ways to evaluate all levels of self abuse, including psychological. Call CMM Technology today to fulfill your employee drug and alcohol screening needs: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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