Valuing Your Company

Chain Of Custody, Screening TestsMany business owners over-value their own company, and this can be a sore point with many people, since money and energy and time and hard work sometimes all count for dollar figures in their minds. Unfortunately, many businesses need to be valued at a lower price, but this is not just important for the sake of honesty with investors, but for some other reasons, as well.

Valuing your business at its actual price, or net worth, is beneficial in figuring out estimated growth for future years and in figuring out where investment needs to be put in, as well as determining where the business is failing or not drawing in any income. Many business owners avoid putting a price on their business because they take it personally, and they believe that everything is fine just as it is. However, companies are dynamic organisms which must be evaluated and grown much like a plant or a child, where you critically determine where it is floundering and where it is thriving.

Valuing your business takes a lot of humility, because just about every company out there over-values themselves, thinking that they are worth much more than they actually are. When you sit down and run the real, honest numbers, you may not like what you get, but at least you are not living in a fairy tale. Understanding how small or how large your business is and understanding what it should be worth will help you in assessing what needs to be done to help it grow. It becomes almost impossible to develop and grow when you do not understand why it is the current value that it is.

Fortunately, tools like drug and alcohol testing assist in keeping track of runaway numbers, such as employee turnover and, more importantly, the cost of employee turnover, which can be quite expensive in the long run if not kept in check to a reasonable degree. And when you are valuing your company, remember to make sure that every penny is documented. Fraud within a company is rarely detected until an account audit is brought in from outside and secrets are revealed.

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