Unusual Recurrence of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can recur in unusual circumstances. Drug and alcohol toxicity can still remain in the body, even after withdrawal symptoms are complete. This old residue is then circulated back through the system, causing a recurrence of drunkenness or endorphin stimulation. Physical storage of the toxicity is not strong enough to have a noticeable effect on the body, but various types of stimulation can bring the abusive substance back out into the blood stream.

Fat Melting. Fat cells store both nutrition and toxins in the body. When an individual loses weight, fat cells can release previously stored toxins into the bloodstream. If these toxins are abusive substances, such as drugs, the effect can be identical to the original ingestion or injection. In a study on marijuana and changes in weight, it was determined that marijuana use and weight gain in humans was positively correlated: the marijuana the test subjects smoked, the more they ate and the more weight they gained. [1] Water retention was not found to be applicable.

Ion Cleanse. The Ion Cleanse (both the trademarked version and similarly-constructed rip-offs) is a unit which releases ions into a footbath of water and pulls chemical debris from the bloodstream and out into the bath. [2] Users describe the water as becoming very muddy and thick, and usually a stench from the pulled toxins increases over time. Since the Ion Cleanse pulls microscopic flakes of pollution from the walls of veins and arteries, individuals who have abused illicit drugs in the past find that the original reaction begins occurring in their bodies during their time in the Ion Cleanse and sometimes up to one or two hours after the end of treatment. This is due to small particles of the drug being circulated through their system a second time before they are pulled out.

It has also been found that legal drugs have a similar effect. Individuals who have had multiple surgeries may, after repeated use of the Ion Cleanse, reach a layer of anesthesia particles. Throughout the day, without feeling at all sleepy, they may suddenly drop off. In addition to this, the smell of the anesthesia and the drug itself may sweat out of their skin.

Injury. Stephen Linsteadt, N.H.D. and Jorge Llamas, M.D. describe how toxin storage in various cells is released upon damaged tissues in cell injury. [3] The body can collect and isolate toxic material in pockets within the system to be later eliminated through the bowels and the skin. When an injury, such as a fall or wrenching of the limbs, occurs, the stored toxicity and inflammation can be released and spread through the body. Endorphins increase the heart rate and allow these materials to spread more quickly than otherwise.
These are unusual situations where substance abuse can be reintroduced to the body. Not everyone will find these circumstances to bring back the “high” from previous abuse. Keep yourself and loved ones safe with regular screenings to gauge current levels of toxicity. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

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