Understanding Psychological Pain

Understanding Psychological PainThose of us, and the author includes herself in this, who have been repeatedly hurt by addicts often find it difficult to forgive them. However, it will help you to understand something about the psychological pain that they are going through. Note: Even though this is about understanding their pain, there is nothing you can do to help them except to protect yourself and your personal boundaries from them. In no way is this article a solution to helping addicts. That is a problem which can only be fixed by them, and only they can start, continue, and finish helping themselves.

When you suffer from low emotional intelligence, you are not just incompetent in many parts of your life and relationships. You still have full mental capacity and ability to think. You are still able to dream and think about all of the goals which you someday hope to achieve. You are aware that you can mentally and physically accomplish all of your goals.

There is a glass wall between what you can do and what you are technically capable of doing. Your are not fully grown up on the inside, so you cannot handle the burden of responsibility of the lifestyle of someone who is your age. If you are emotionally twelve years old on the inside, you will not be able to emotionally handle the responsibilities of an eighteen year old, and so on. As you grow older, and the burdens of your age increase against your internal age, your suffering and misery increases. You know that something is wrong, and that something is holding you back, but you simply cannot figure out what to do about the problem.

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