Turning A Blind Eye

Recalibration Service, Drug Testing In Western AustraliaThis article is about employee preferential treatment, and whether or not it is correct or advisable behavior on the jobsite. On the one hand, treating top trusted employees with greater confidence and giving them more responsibility is valuable in instilling motivation and a sense of higher quality work in your employees. On the other hand, this can be seen as discrimination or unjustly preferential treatment from the point of view of employees who are not “preferred.” Turning a blind eye to preferential treatment could be seen either as a form of corruption or as a form of free market capitalism, where every individual is judged by their specific performance. After all, how does one institute raises or promotions without paying attention to who your best employees are?

It can be difficult to navigate these waters in a way that holds the best interest for both your business and for your non-promoted employees. You still want your company to grow, but you also still want to be fair and treat everyone according to their needs and talents. An article by Carolina Gomez and Benson Rosen describes the nature of employer-employee trust and relationship building. Employees who trust their managers and executives more tend to feel more job satisfaction and pride in their own work. This trust builds feelings of self competency, which in turn affect greater quality and higher productivity. When managers also feel this trust, employees experience a great sense of empowerment, which spurs their creativity and loyalty to their jobs. Employee empowerment is also responsible for building a greater sense of control over their lives and over their workload, which in turn leads back to intense and continuous job satisfaction.

Clearly, this mutual trust is important between managers and lower level staff members. Without it, creating loyalty is a struggle and may not occur at all. Fortunately, drug and alcohol testing enables managers to see the viability of their subordinates, and it allows subordinates to prove their efficacy to their managers. While workplace drug testing is not the whole picture, it is definitely a crucial part of building this two-way trust. Contact CMM Technology today for more information about employee drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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