Truth as a Life, Not as a Virtue

Truth, by itself, means nothing. The sum of all human truth is basically subjective opinions trying our darnedest to beTruth as a Life, Not as a Virtue objective opinions. The average of all truth is a collection of widespread perspectives, none of which fits in perfectly with any other perspective. Forgiveness, as a virtue, can be understood by all humanity. Love, as a virtue, can be understood by all humanity. Truth, in any form, seems to be heavily based upon what each individual believes it to be based upon. Truth cannot, in essence, be called a virtue, and not just because few understand it. It is a lifestyle. Truth is what you tell yourself every day.

So how do you incorporate truthfulness into your company? After all, there are so many different kinds of people who work for you and they are not likely to all agree on everything or even on very much at all. In this instance, subjective opinions can be the determining factor, and that means that communication of everyone is the most important trait. This means that hardcore, constant and continuous communication of every single person in your business is the most important thing. Now the trick is just finding out how to make that happen.

One of the ways is to see to it that everyone believes themselves to be in a safe and warm environment. It becomes necessary to assure people that they and their coworkers are safe from outsides, as well as from each other. Workplace drug testing is an excellent way to accomplish that. Workers find themselves in little tiffs or arguments on a fairly regular basis, and this means that dangerous people, people who are most likely to make this small disagreements something unhealthy, should be identified. Employee drug and alcohol testing is just the ticket to doing this. If they know that you will not allow employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol to even be on the premises, then they are more likely to encourage each other and communicate effectively. Belief in you leads to belief and faith in each other. CMM Technology specializes in providing drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices for your employee drug and alcohol screening program. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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