Trustworthy Workers

Drug Test equipmentWhat defines a trustworthy worker? For some, it may be involved being a worker themselves before they can truly answer this. What happens when you are not in your position of leadership but working down among the employees yourself? What happens when you gain their perspective and understand what is hard for them and what is easy for them? Can you rely upon them as you would your right arm? Do you require far less commitment than that, but you desire to have someone who is always and steadily at work, without exception?

There are many ways of defining trustworthiness. One may even say that always passing your drug testing would mean trustworthiness, but this is an evaluative tool only, and it only ever measures the ability of an employee to come to work without abusing substances either before or during their arrival on the jobsite. That is it. It measures nothing else.

Workers are not just defined by their technical skill, but also their ability to work well with people. They are calm and disassociated from upset clients. They are able to manage the situation calmly, with full attention and a clear head.

These employees are invaluable, and their trustworthiness is not questioned.

If they abuse substances, however, it will not remain a hidden secret. Their behavior will change, sometimes without their knowledge, but everyone else will see it. Everyone else will know about the person and their starvation habits and meagerness of spirit. There will be an affectation to the way they work with clients. There will be a quality in the gaze of their eyes which will seem less direct, less clear, and less trustworthy.

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