Trusting People Again

BreathalyserIf you or someone close to you has ever been a victim of abuse, then you know how hard it is to begin rebuilding trust between the victim and the rest of society. It doesn’t matter how trustworthy someone is, if they are human (and most of us are), they will mess up. This will lead to further alienation of the victim, because they feel that they cannot trust anyone. This happens even after they begin to trust, because their need to trust is so high that their expectations of human nature are unrealistic.

Also, it is due to not really having enough life experience or discernment to be able to talk to people with understanding and the ability to tell different personality types from each other.

Naturally, drug testing is a solution in the workplace because it gives you the ability to tell who is abusing and when. However, this is not always the case in life. What do you do when drug test kits are not appropriate in a family environment or you cannot integrate employee drug testing in a social environment? Of course, these solutions are ridiculous in this context. Fortunately, there is still the environment of the workplace. Fortunately, we still have employee drug testing. What could be better? A safe friendly environment where everyone is being productive and no one is at risk from someone else. That’s really saying something.

Of course, you have to decide what type of drug test kits to get. We recommend our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. Did you know that it has an adulterant built right into the test itself? That’s really efficient, and it saves money, too. Obviously, an individual who is reputable will not be trying to adulterate the screening test. There are numerous other products, too, and we hope you check them out on our website.

For more information, take a good look at everything we have, and then ask us what a business of your type and size may be most suited for. You never know when a good breathalyser device may come in handy, and we have a great recalibration service: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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