Trust and Time

Workplace Drug Testing, Drug TestThey say that you must believe in yourself if you want anyone else to believe in you. Trust in yourself and in your own actions is one of the key factors in running a business successfully. If you do not have this trust in yourself, then perhaps you are not the right person for the job. This is not referring to false confidence or pompous arrogance, or at least not arrogance which cannot be backed properly with actions. This is referring to understanding what you are capable of doing, and then not second guessing yourself part way through the process. If you cannot follow through on your ideas and actions without falling victim to self degradation, then you may not be able to handle any higher responsibilities than the ones you currently possess.

Time management is one of the ways in which many people second guess themselves. When they allow too much time for a task, they may perform it too slowly or they may feel that they have all day to do it, and so it does not matter when they begin. Either way, allowing too much time for a task often results in the activity not being completed at all, or being completed late. People who do this are often not very respected in their social and private circles, since everyone has to wait on them or they show up in the middle of an event or concert while it is already in progress.

When people allow too little time for a task, believing that this will motivate them to perform better, they give up somewhere in the middle because they already defeated. They have set themselves up for failure since they naturally will never be able to complete the task on time. This sucks all of the life and enjoyment out of the task. People who do this often burn out too quickly, and are frequently frustrated.

Trust in yourself must be combined with appropriate time management, where tasks are given a certain reasonable time for completion and then they are followed through on each and every time. Unfortunately, employees who are abusing substances often find that they have poor time management skills and that they cannot competently complete their tasks on time. This is a good reason to begin using employee drug and alcohol screening on a regular basis. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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