Traveling with Alcoholics

Recalibration Service, RecalibrationGoing on a simple road trip with an alcoholic can be a nightmare. Traveling for an extensive period of time over several days or weeks can result in abusive behavior or even physical injury. Why is this so and can it be prevented?

Alcoholics need their little routines. They are stressed out by changes in schedules, things outside of their emotional capability levels, and things which are grating to their nerves. This can be anything, so there is no way of predicting what will set off your alcoholic traveling companion.

Obviously, the first piece of advice when traveling with an alcoholic is to just not go with them. If this is outside of your preference or control, then we shall move on to step two. As long as your alcoholic knows what to expect, they are likely to be tolerable company during the trip. If, at any point, something happens outside of their expectation levels, then they may exhibit irritation anywhere from verbal complaints to loud, raucous behavior. Of course, it is definitely a factor if they have been drinking during the trip or right before takeoff. It is also a factor if they become depressed between bouts of drinking, although if this is the case, they are likely to just sleep during the trip.

Pressure to stop and get something to drink while in transit will be disconcerting to your trip, as will their reassurance that they CAN drink and drive. Try your absolute best to not give in to either of these demands, unless neither one of you is driving and you would like to share a drink with them yourself. There will obviously be a series of events which predictably occur after their first drink, so remember that.

Lastly, use discretion when giving your alcoholic access to any of your personal identification or checks or credit cards or cash. These are resources which you have in case something should happen to them, and it is never a good idea to allow any of those belongings within access of an unreliable person.

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